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Norwegian for Beginners | Lesson 1: The alphabet

Norwegian for Beginners | Lesson 1: The alphabet

Welcome to Learn Norwegian for beginners. Lesson 1: Tha alphabet. In this episode, we are going to learn the
Norwegian alphabet. The Norwegian alphabet is quite similar to
the English alphabet, but the Norwegian alphabet has three extra letters, æ, ø, and å. We are now going to go through the Norwegian
alphabet: A, a
B, b C, c
D, d E, e
F, f G, g
H, h I, i
J, j K, k
L, l M, m
N, n O, o
P, p Q, q
R, r S, s
T, t U, u
V, v W, w
X, x Y, y
Z, z Æ, æ
Ø, ø Å, å
We are now going to go through it one more time:
A for abonnere (Subscribe) B for bil (Car)
C for Canada (Canada) D for drage (Dragon)
E for Esel (Donkey) F for Fly (Plane)
G for Gress (Gras) H for helikopter (Helicopter)
I for is (Ice cream) J for ja (Yes)
K for kanin (Rabit) L for lastebil (Truck)
M for mage (Stomach) N for navn (Name)
O for okse (Bull) P for promp (Fart)
Q for quiz (Quiz) R for rakett (Rocket)
S for sag (Saw) T for tak (Roof)
U for Ulv (Wolf) V for vaffel (Waffel)
W for winerpølse (Winer sausage) X for Xbox (Xbox)
Y for Yoga (Yoga) Z for Zeppelin (Zeppelin)
Æ for ære (Honor) Ø for øl (Beer)
Å for ål (Eel) Great work in the next episode you will learn
how to introduce yourself in Norwegian. Goodbye, I’ll see you in the next episode.

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  • Alibo Myrtell says:

    Hey man, you have some awesome content! I am looking forward to the next episode. Hade bra. 🙂

  • White Teeth Today says:

    Wow! You have one of the best learn Norwegian channels on youtube. It is easy to follow along and the subtitles are a real help. Thank you!

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