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NJ Lawmaker Wants Cursive Curriculum Requirements

NJ Lawmaker Wants Cursive Curriculum Requirements

5 Replies to “NJ Lawmaker Wants Cursive Curriculum Requirements”

  • A Google User says:

    I wish I could have learned cursive when I was in Middle School

  • Judy Hazell says:

    It is about time kids need to learn cursive my son's school didn't want him to learn it we taught him at home.

  • Delcio says:

    Ok, boomer. I learned this when I was in 3rd grade. I'm 30 years old and have never had to use it.

  • Traplover says:

    We live in a digital world. Cursive doesnt work online. Besides, legally, we just require those who are present to sign it with autonomy. So it can be anything.

  • Henky Mizella says:

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