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Nights Of Ramadan Festival Berlin 2012

People say that artists create revolution,
but I believe the revolution has created the artist. Because one of the conditions you
need to make art is to have freedom of expession and we didn’t have this freedom before in
the Arab world. Now people are not scared of the government anymore and so by instinct
they now express themselves in the public space. The same way they took their freedom
the artists have taken back their public space. The U.S. Embassy in Berlin supported the Nights
of Ramadan Festival to emphasize the tolerance of religion and freedom of speech. Public Affairs Officer Peter Claussen said:
“regardless of how we pray Americans stand firmly in support of all people from various
backgounds.” Director of the Museum for Islamic Art at
the Pergamon, Stefan Weber, explains the origins of Calligraffiti. Calligraffiti is derived
from arabic calligraphy and freestyle graffiti. Discussions with the artists give insight
into what role it plays in Muslim society. Since calligraffiti is derived from calligraphy
it gives artists a lot more possibilities of expression than other forms of art. A touch of pure genious was witnessed when
a burning image of Mohamed Bouazizi appeared on the screen. Mohamed Bouazizi is credited
with starting the Arab revolution when he set fire to himself in Tunisia. If you check politics and Islam you see the
concept of surah whereby everybody is giving their opinion on one subject to give a collective
decision. So that is a form of democracy. We have democracy in Islam, the only thing
is that the main media do not show it as it is. They believe that we (the Arab countries)
should go into partipatory democracy and stop having representative democracy. We should
be part of our own destiny and create it from our own hand and not wait for people to do
stuff for us. Thankyou.

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