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Night Terrors-Calibri (Underswap Comic Dub)

Night Terrors-Calibri (Underswap Comic Dub)

*insert super fake Cal laugh* Really, it was the funniest joke I came up with *Insert really awkward flirt voice* AWL DEI ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *Swap! Pap is dONE WITH YOU* Wow… You’re pathetic, aren’t you, kid? (DAANG PAP WHAT YOU SAYIN) uH- hh… …hheh heh! Nice one, Dad! (not) A little harsh, but- No, I’m serious, Calibri (why teh fruks yuu lyyin~) You think I like joking around all the time? HUHH??? I may sit on my arse all day and not care (me af), but I spend every frusking waking moment hating myself for being so useless. (Why are you telling this to yOUR SON) And knowing that I can’t raise a proper kid (Why you always lyyyin~), I hate myself even more.. {It even makes me hate YOU…} Cuz, heh, I have to look at myself in the frusking mirror… *insert traumatized Cali* Every. Single. DAY. Calibri: W-wait! I try to be a better son, I-I really try! Swap! Pap: *insert Class A Parenting* Save your joke. Don’t even think of coming home until you straighten your head (look who’s talking ya crazy hypocrite). NYEHH- (OH SHIZNIT IT FRISK) DAD!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!! (OH SHIZ) (K.O. SWAP! PAP) UHH- *You watch him tremble. (shiz) *He looks as weak as his son. (FITEME) LEAVE HIM ALONE! (ho don’t do it) (OH MY GAWD) (Frisk randomly grunts????????) (SURPRIIIIISE CAL DUN GOT K.O.’D) no… no no nononNONONONONONO! Kid! O-Oh, God… (SUDDENLY, GOOD PARENTING) Cal, *dramatic music stops* W-what have you done?!? *insert depressingly sweet music* *insert weaker fake laughter* I… know I can be… such a pain… but-*ugh* just so you know… I’d put you… (;-;) Mom… (OmO) Uncle Blue… (TvT) Everyone’s lives first before m-mine…

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