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National Handwriting Contest Winner

National Handwriting Contest Winner

[Reporter] Writing with perfect penmanship. This first grader at Bluffton Elementary School
won a National Handwriting Contest beating out more than 250-thousand kids from across
the united states. The secret to his handwriting success. [Atticus Enfinger] By making it look good
so people can understand it. [Reporter] The Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting
Contest promotes good penmanship and how handwriting can help develop literacy skills. Atticus entered the completion by submitting
a writing sample. He had to copy a sentence that had all the
letters of the alphabet in it. [Atticus] “I think I try my best the most
because i try my best because it took about 45 minutes for me to finish one sheet of paper. [Reporter] Judges look at the shape, size,
spacing and slant of the letters. Atticus’ teacher is amazed at how well he
writes. [Mariana Potter] I think he has a natural
skill he came to my classroom already writing really well and also he doesn’t give up if
he does something wrong he will try it again and again and I think that’s an important
skill as well to have that resilience and that willingness to fail and try again. [Reporter] Atticus is excited he won the competition
and says he loves to write. [Atticus] It’s more easier because your
hand controls the pencil and the pencil controls the words and makes it look pretty.[Reporter]
Atticus also received a check for 500-dollars. At Bluffton Elementary School, Ron Lopes Beaufort
County School District.

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