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My stencils in arabic and english subtitles

My stencils in arabic and english subtitles

This is my name that i made in stencil art This is the tape that we stick to it This is my butterfly This is the letter A in red This is my rifle This is my skull Another a in white this one is blue This is my latest stencil `we just made it` it has a lot of colors don’t tell my it has to be realistic Because the stencil can be made in any color to give us a good shape this butterfly i used yellow and red and green This is orange This rifle i put white in it ,green,red gave us a good shape doesn’t need to be complicated We use colors according to the surface we put the stencil on a white surface is good because u can use any color on it this is how it looks like on paper i used white to give it a shiny appearance This is the paper that i used Don’t forget to subscribe and like if you need anything write it in comments iwill show you my other stencils this is eye of horas a fish after being used a rifle a skull a butterfly

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  • chouaib hanfer says:

    خرافي،أشكرك على مجهودك عمل جيد أنت محترف،لقد إشتركت معك و فعلت الجرس،أنا متيقن أن قناتك ستنجح واصل😉هل يمكن أن تشرفني بالإشتراك في هذه القناة من هنا← #سامي_شارك_المعرفة 😊رجاءًا لا تشترك في القناة التي أتكلم بها معك الآن😊أتمنى ذلك يا مبدع

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