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oh hey Liz oh hey what’s up guys what if
it was love yeah let’s do it if you’re new here I’m Lizzy and um
jinger said that she thought she has something to give me so I don’t really
know what it is but let’s go find out okay where is she no no jinger you’re a
minute ago hey okay so this is something really mysterious happened earlier today
mom we had a knock on the door and gage answered it and somebody gave him this
like because this is my house and usually with flowers with a larger there
no it says to Lizzy I have a crush on you too from secret crush whoa um do you
know what’s wrong I mean I may or may not have an idea okay um who do you
think it’s from is like the bigger question right guys what are you guys
looking at me I don’t know it’s just like that exciting cuz I got flowers I
mean who do you think it could be from Liz I don’t know they’re so pretty
look how pretty they are so pretty do you have like humerus can you check you
know what sucks is that we usually do have cameras on the outside of our house
but we’re getting a rootstock or redone and so all of our security cameras are
down so we don’t have any like I don’t know on the back of it
oh yeah no it’s just empty it’s empty hmm mmm they smell so good please what
is your favorite type of flower I mean I definitely love roses
so whoever sent you this probably knows you pretty well I don’t know though I
mean I don’t know like what do you guys think who do you think’s long okay wait
it says I have a crush on you too so does that mean maybe it’s my crush but
how would he know that I have a crush on him maybe he just guesses I guess I
never told anybody I don’t know I mean that’s a good
hmm how do you think it’s brown I don’t know but if it’s from my crush that
mutti likes it back I knew I would be so excited but I’m like yeah I don’t know
you should really start guessing that it’s brown I know but then if I start
guessing them that’s like giving away that’s true Liz like seriously who do
you think something hmm I mean what if he was standing like
right here what what no I didn’t send them why are you behind me these flowers
to live no okay well who else even knows I’m here I mean we did post a video so I
think I said happy to here like everyone here and Instagram pictures yeah
basically everyone knows you’re here what if I call the florist do you know
do you know survivor yes it’s like blank so weird but it was sent by a delivery
person look at the handwriting though like that’s real pen that’s definitely
not like yeah it’s definitely that’s definitely like script which is I mean
who even know script I don’t know person yeah well the only thing we can do is
ask gage cuz he was the one who answered the door and yeah so should we go see if
we can find him yeah let’s go see if gage heart is good that’s so weird
Carter who do you think sent them no did you tell anybody else that we were here
or I guess people already know telling you a little bit I don’t think that
someone would send you flowers I know from luck so somebody has me it is a GU
has a crush I don’t know is because it’s signed by secret crush who do you know
that can write cursive you guys bad news gage is already asleep
Oh mmm I don’t know what to do is I know are we gonna figure this out
well Liz I think it has to be someone that’s here for sure okay so how about
yeah and someone who knows how to write cursive yes so that’s fun everyone who’s
right person yeah let’s go around and ask all the guys we know to write their
name in cursive and then I’ll go call the florist well actually what
I call the florist and you ask them to write their name in cursive or something
and I try to figure that out does that sound good okay yeah that
sounds good all who call and then you come back and let me know what you
figure out okay okay okay let’s go Carter I’m not bring this with me sighs
they can’t know has to be a secret okay true we’ll just breathe come back to it
so we have to get them to write a message on pen and paper paper to pencil
right now here we’ll have them write their name in cursive yes and we’ll try
to match the handwriting you first hmm what no you first he’s fine here
I’ll grab the camera and you write okay okay wait right Lizzie in cursive Lizzie
I don’t know if I don’t have to do cursive
wait don’t look hey let me see if I can know what’s so secret about let me just
try first are you certain – very suspicious I didn’t do it okay so good
okay guys make sure you get a good look at this I need to know who is that
person I’m pretty sure those are ours Carter I
don’t know how to do seeing cursive I forget okay let me try it again
yeah try again it only needs to be fancier oh I see why that’s definitely
not okay Carter that’s definitely no Lizzie but these are arms I don’t know
how to do these okay uh I don’t think Carter is it let’s go around and see if
we can find anybody else oh can you write Lizzie in cursive here under this
is my aversive why am I doing this um just for fun seeing if who can write my
name the best in cursive so Emily
isn’t it like this nobody knows how to do is he in cursive what this room wise
Li why why why what if those are ours these might be hundred that’s as these
help at the line and that makes it a Z here we go there we go it’s been a long
time since I curtsy okay is that I don’t think that’s the match next person yeah
let’s go find somebody else okay let’s go find somebody else and see who else
the right person right can you write cursive Lizzie the best
you can Lizzie oh gosh I don’t know if I can use ease how do you do this like
that do your best there is that all you need yeah I don’t
know if that’s very good why am I doing this okay I don’t know what those are
not steadily not him either um hey that you’re right Lizzie in
cursive with us you can sure that’s high hopes on this one
yeah I don’t mind you cursive oh okay nevermind I thought we had a good I know
Oh everything else looks good well do a fancy Alice but he doesn’t do the fancy
owl but is the L on the card fancy I pretty sure it is we could go check what
the check okay okay so Liz to be fun any matches yeah okay so this is yours this
is hunters and this is Ryan’s which all look pretty bad like as in like they’re
not a match okay what about on the back and then there’s that kind of like what
this yeah this is a maybe but well who else is there Liz okay so oh stove
oh yeah we’re stove no stove yeah um are you there
okay definitely in there okay slide that under the door or something okay hey do
you think you can write Lizzie and in script it’s like really urgent in
cursive in cursive okay we’re sliding it under and then send it back when you’re
done yeah why are you going script I don’t know isn’t that what people call
it it’s called cursive I don’t know it’s like script is like that’s like what my
teachers have called it sounds old-fashioned well it is old-fashioned
nobody writes in cursive anymore okay there it is oh let’s see if it’s a match
whoa that looks like it pretty decent I don’t know what are you guys saying that
looks better than mine at least yeah this is pretty close exhausting why it
looks like it says Li why why why look at one Fiat hey let’s go compared to the
thing okay yeah let’s bring all these back and see if any of them compare
really well okay we have all the signatures and
we’re gonna go compare it right now okay no luck on the force at all they will
not see what I’m sorry if it didn’t come on the card we can’t tell you Oh bummer
so I don’t know I guess this is our only hope who do you have the card Wow
everyone is so bad at cursive okay okay let’s see yeah that’s true
okay let’s look that’s definitely an L and that now but does not that kind of
nice though then there’s like a space Carter would
it’s your L that as well Kaiser’s those oh it’s a little different I don’t know
if that one’s pretty good to Hunter he has more I feel like zeros in here oh
yeah so we have to match the Z’s like those
Jun Oh Ellis regular L is a regular L did that doesn’t throw you off you look
so similar to that but then Y goes really high
yes like these are more bubbly and this is more like this yeah like you know
what a short yeah whoa disease in the Y’s match yeah in the L and out but
there’s no gap no but he didn’t he dieded be also dotted there’s no you
know how it is when you’re like signing your signature like signing things out
they’re not always like exactly the same you know so you got to look at like I
think the overall look is super similar it definitely did this is it’s totally
sunny the flowers he has been acting a little weird
how would you feel was if it was stove I don’t know how would you have a crush on
him back stop you guys are just try to get it I don’t know I’m just asking we
just want to help you rainy I don’t know well I have to think about
it okay so I’m gonna actually put all of these on Instagram so you guys can get a
better look at who it might be I mean the stove’s is pretty similar
like so similar do you think it might be stuff it might be I don’t know I mean it
looks close do you guys think it might be stuff I don’t know it looks so
similar but I just don’t know hmm that’s so hard to say like how do we figure
this out guys comment down below who you guys think it might be just to help me
out cuz I really want to figure this out maybe we should just go right up to
stove and ask him stove did you send these flowers whoa just walk right up it
might work yeah maybe that’s what I’ll do my next vlog okay I’ll see you guys
in the next one bye

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