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MY ID IS GANGNAM BEAUTY – (내 아이디는 강남미인) | EP.2 (FULL HD) | 28 July 2018 | JTBC Content Hub

MY ID IS GANGNAM BEAUTY – (내 아이디는 강남미인) | EP.2 (FULL HD) | 28 July 2018 | JTBC Content Hub

ะ(My ID is Gangnam Beauty) Kang Mi Rae. By any chance, did you go to Jaryong Middle School? What? What should I do? What should I do? Forget it. You have the same name as a girl I used to know. I knew it. He is that Do Kyung Seok. There are those blessed ones who turn any streets into their runway. The most handsome guy at Jaryong Middle School, Do Kyung Seok. Even when he was just walking… or participating in an earthquake drill… and even when he broke his arm. The world practically revolved around him. And the most legendary one of all was… Do Kyung Seok walking in the rain. Then one day, he suddenly transferred to a different school, but everyone at my school knew him. But I don’t know you. I’ll pretend I don’t know you. (Episode 2: You Should’ve Been Pretty from the Get-go) Oh, my goodness. He’s grown up into a fine, good-looking guy. Do you still see my old face from how I look now? I can tell at a glance that this girl is Soo A. She must be much prettier in person. He won’t ask me again, right? Shall I say I went to a different school? I’ll end up making a fool of myself if someone else went to our school. I must say, you’re on par with her. You’re pretty too. Hey, are you listening? I’m asking you what I should do. Hey, he won’t recognize you. Even your dad couldn’t. How on earth will Do Kyung Seok recognize you? He probably just wanted to strike up a conversation. Hey, wait. What if he’s interested in you? – Hey, what are you talking about? – By the way, did something happen between you and him back then? How does he remember you? Oh, well. He was the same as everyone else. Attention, please. Patient Lee Hyun Joo, please come to the ICU. Can you tell me where Seo Yoo Jin is? Okay, let me check. My goodness. What did he throw at you? Why did he do this? Does it hurt a lot? Should I help you heal faster? Yes. – Here? – No, it’s here. Yoo Jin, does it feel better now? Of course. Gosh, I’m so upset. Hey, Kyung Seok, you’re here. Hey, can you take her home? It’s too late. Did you get kicked out? He got kicked out? Why? What’s he saying? I told my dad that I’m going to start my own business. Do you have money to start the business? What? What business? A pub. You’re going to start a pub? My goodness. Then what about your dad’s inheritance? I won’t be getting anything. I’ll let you drink free beer every day. Yoo Jin, I wasn’t just fooling around with you. I was planning on getting married to you. I can’t believe you’re proposing to me right now. Stop right there. The guy should be the one to propose. But this was not what I was expecting. We can’t see each other anymore. Ah Reum. Ah Reum. Ah Reum, wait. Please hear me out. – Taxi. – Ah Reum. Let me go. Were you dating me because of my family’s money? You lost my trust. I didn’t know you were this reckless. It’s not because I’m materialistic. It’s because you’re irresponsible. Hey, Ah Reum. You’re completely fine. Why were you lying in bed? You lost… my trust. How can you make a joke when I just had my heart broken? Then… do you want me to help you heal faster? My gosh. Let’s go. Hey, Kyung Seok. Kyung Seok! Wait for me. She’d always tell me that she doesn’t want to go home. And every morning, she’d say, “Yoo Jin, I dreamt of you last night.” I can’t believe I’m still so bad with women. How many more women do I need to date? I guess I should date a bit more. Isn’t it too early to be thinking about dating other women? Where are we going? To your school. Let’s go. When did you buy this place? The remodeling will begin starting from tomorrow. Hey. Drink up. Congratulations on entering university. Gosh, that’s bitter. Are things okay with your dad? Isn’t he upset that you chose to major in chemistry? Of course, he’s upset. Then why did you become a chemistry major? I don’t know. I chose this major because he kept telling me not to. Are you curious about your mom? Let’s not talk about the dead. She’s dead to me. My goodness gracious. Are you Mi Rae? Gosh, stop it. Hello. Have you been doing well? Yes, we’ve been doing well. – Have you been well? – Yes. I think Hyun Jung should get something done as well. Stop talking nonsense. I’ll be off now. I’ll see you guys later. – Okay. – See you later. – Bye. – See you. – Bye. – Bye. My gosh, she looks pretty from the back as well. – I’ll see you later. – Okay. She has some guts. How could she get plastic surgery done without telling her dad? You better not do anything behind my back. It’s too loud. Who attends entrance ceremonies these days? If I take photos with Kyung Seok, people will comment on how different we look. My gosh, what was that? My goodness. I’d like to report an accident. No, I’m fine. But I’m not sure about the people inside the car. Please make it quick. I can’t afford to be late to my deliveries. There’s no need for that. You must’ve been surprised. – Pardon? – You can just go. But still… – It’s okay. – “Tell people how nice I am.” – You’re working this hard. – “Take a good look at my face.” – I don’t want to get paid for this. – “I’m Congressman Do Sang Won.” Thank you. Keep working hard. – Thank you. – No problem. Nice shot. Let’s go. I’m near your school. I’m almost there. Mom, when did Dad receive his medical checkup? How’s his blood pressure? Is it normal? Don’t worry. Where are you? What are you talking about? What do you mean you can’t find Dad? Excuse me, are you a student here? Pardon? I’m here for my daughter’s entrance ceremony. Is there a nice restaurant nearby? A place where girls like to go. Wait a minute. You’re the girl I talked to last time. Right? I’m Mi Rae’s dad. She majors in chemistry. We talked on the phone because you answered Mi Rae’s phone. Yes. That was me. See? I knew it. Yes, I remember your voice now. I was so surprised because you sound just like my daughter. What a coincidence. Dad. Dad, I’m Mi Rae. What? Dad, I’m… I’m Mi Rae. It’s me, Mi Rae. I’m your daughter, Mi Rae. What… What… Dad. Mi… Mi Rae… I’m sorry Dad. I had to keep it a secret because you were so against it. Honey. Sweetheart. Dad. Honey. Honey. Honey. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. I’m sorry. I don’t know you, miss. Nice. That looks great, Mr. Congressman. I’ll take a picture now, then. 1, 2, 3. Great. Kyung Hee, stand a little closer. All right, 1 more shot. 1, 2, 3! Oh, my. You look dashing, sir. I really mean it. Yes. Kyung Hee, stand in the middle. Here we go. 1, 2… Hello? Yes, hold on. She’s been appointed as the CEO of Kelun Korea. Let’s talk about it another time. Can you at least gain some weight? My dear son, we have to take a photo together. – Look at the camera. – I love you. All right, I’ll take another photo. My, I can’t get over how dashing you look, sir. I really mean it. All right. Oh, it was my face. There. Don’t worry. I’ll have a talk with your dad when I get home. Okay? Hurry up! – Hurry. Come on! – My goodness. Why? What is going on? Mi Rae, you’re here too. Ta-da. Whose camera is it? Did you buy it? No, I borrowed it. I thought we should take some photos together now that I own this taxi. I no longer have to share it with other drivers, so I want to hang a photo of Mi Rae inside my taxi. Mi Rae, come stand here. I’ll take a pretty photo of you. Dad. Can you not take a photo of me? I want to hang your photo inside my taxi. Seeing your face will keep me energized throughout the day. It’s my wish. All right, then. – Come on. – Come stand here. Not there. You should stand right here. – We’re ready! – Here we go. Honey, get out of the frame. Come on. I’ll take a photo of Mi Rae first. All right. Mi Rae, smile. – Give me a pretty smile. – Smile. 1, 2, 3. All right. One more time. Okay, here we go. 1, 2, 3. I have a craving for it. What about you? Isn’t that Mi Rae? – Hello. – Hi. Are you two in this class too? – You too? – Yes. That’s great. Let’s sit together. We studied so hard to get into university, and we now have to study more. Are we writing up reports now? I didn’t know when I was registering for my courses, but it really hit me on the day of my first class. Mi Rae! Hi. – Mi Rae is here. – Mi Rae. – Hi, Mi Rae. – Hi. – Hi. – New face, new, new, new face – Soo A! – Soo A! – Hyun Soo A is here. – Hi. – Hi. – Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi, Mi Rae. – Hi, Soo A. – How have you been? – Good. – I’ll see you later. – Jung Hyun. – Hey, you. She’s already like a celebrity within our department. I know, right? Soo A is making my life difficult. Why do guys keep asking me to set them up with her? Mi Rae. Hello. Sit here. I saved this seat for you. Pardon me? Are you taking General Chemistry too? No, I got an A in this class in my first year. – Oh, I see. – Yes. Then what are you doing here? What do you think? I’m came to see you. What on earth is he doing here? Does he have to retake this class? It looks like he’s trying to hit on Mi Rae. Right, when Mi Rae walked in earlier, I could see how much she stands out. Really? But as soon as Soo A walked in… What? Did you call me? No, no. I didn’t call you. I’m such an idiot. I wanted to call you after the orientation, but I realized… that I never even asked your number. I see. Has everything been well with you? Did the entrance ceremony go well? – Yes. – If there’s anything… you don’t understand during class, feel free to ask me. I got an A in General Chemistry in my first year. Also, I have all the exam notes for this class. The questions on this professor’s exam are the same every year. Do you know what I mean by “exam notes”? It seems like you can only see Mi Rae. We’ll need the exam notes too. Figure it our yourself. Mi Rae and I have a special relationship. – Me? – We drank with our arms crossed, didn’t we? Oh, shall we have lunch together at the cafeteria? – Sorry? – Today’s menu looks amazing. Girls, you’d better not follow us. Mi Rae, let’s sit over there. This is on me, so eat everything you want. Thank you. How is it? The food at our cafeteria is quite good. – Yes, it’s good. – Good. By the way, about that question… I asked you if I can like you. I think you’ve had enough time to ponder. Should we not talk about it at school? Shall we go to a nice bar in the evening, then? Do you want some water? No, it’s okay. I’ll use the restroom quickly. All right. Gosh, why is she acting all naive? Hello, Chan Woo. Soo A. You’re in the same General Chemistry class with us, right? Oh, I’m not actually in the class. I just stopped by to see you guys. I was wondering why you were retaking a first-year course. Oh, were you curious? – Have a seat. We can chat. – Sure. Isn’t somebody else sitting here? It’s Mi Rae, but she went to the restroom. I see. Chan Woo, you like Mi Rae, don’t you? Well, I think all of you guys are adorable. That includes you. Just talk casually to me. You don’t need to be so polite. I think you and Mi Rae will make a cute couple. Well, we’re not there yet. I’ll be cheering for you. Although I’m a little sad. What do you mean? Nothing. Never mind. I should get going now. Hey, wait. What did you mean by that? Why are you sad? Well… Oh, sorry. I can sit here, right? Hey, how could you ignore all of my messages for three days? – I guess you’ve been busy. – I don’t check my phone often. Goodness, that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. What did you mean by that? To tell you the truth, I was quite smitten by you at the freshmen orientation. What? Me? Don’t take it too seriously though. I’m over you now, so you don’t need to care too much. Okay? No, wait. Gosh. I can’t believe… I’m sorry. I just want to think of you as my senior. Yes. I just want to think of you as my senior. I just want to think of you… I just want to think of you as my senior… Chan Woo. Hey, Mi Rae. Let’s just be friends. – Okay? – Pardon? What I said to you was a mistake. I think I was confused. I actually like someone else. I’m sorry for making things complicated. I’m sorry. You understand what I’m saying, right? I’m sorry if you took it seriously. Is everything okay? You can finish your meal. What’s he doing? Sorry, my mistake. Is it you again, you jerk? What did you just say? “Mistake”? Do you want to die? My gosh. This is a mistake as well. You must want to die. I’m done eating. You must be crazy for a beating. Hey! – What’s wrong with him? – My gosh. – My goodness. – What’s going on? You little jerk. I’m going to kill you. Chan Woo. What are you doing? Move! Are you taking his side? Move! Chan Woo, what are you doing? Let go of me! Everyone’s staring. – What’s his problem? – My gosh. – Why is he causing a mess? – Let’s go. – Why is he always causing trouble? – Let me go. You better consider yourself lucky. I’m going to kill you the next time I see you. Okay? Why is he always causing trouble? – My gosh. – What’s his problem? What a joke. Isn’t he the jerk from the chemistry department? – What was that? – Oh, gosh. Why did they fight? Are you okay? What was that all about? My gosh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. They were fighting like crazy. Do you know what Chan Woo’s nickname is? It’s SOJ. It stands for son of a jerk. You need to be careful of guys like him. Soo A, you better watch out as well. Okay. What? Oh, okay. Oh, well… What do you think about having chicken and beer after class? Are you up for it? Well, I’m up for it… if Soo A is. My gosh. Sorry, my mistake. How cute. What? She thinks you’re cute. Soo A, there you are. – Hello. – Hi. Can we talk outside in private? Sure. I’ll wait for you outside. What I’m about to tell you comes from the bottom of my heart. So please hear me out. – Okay. – Right. Guys always have their own ideal type of girl in mind. The same goes for me. When I first saw you, my heart almost dropped to the ground. I’ll be straightforward with you. You’re my ideal type of girl. To be honest, you’re the only person… I was interested in ever since the freshmen welcoming party. You might not believe me, but I tend to get really shy around the person I like. But now that I know you feel the same way about me, I was wondering if you’d like to start going out with me. Then what about Mi Rae? I was only nice to her because she was in my team, and she participated actively in the talent show. You were the only girl I liked. Soo A. I’m really grateful that you think of me that way. Okay. But can you give me some time to think about it? Yes, of course. You should think about it. Although it won’t be a problem since we both like each other. Anyway, well… I’ll wait for your call. Bye. Soo A. Did anything happen? What? What do you mean? Is Chan Woo showing interest in you? No. He just said what all the other seniors said to me. He told me to let him know if I need any help. Who else said that to you? Jung Hwan? Jin Wook? I can’t believe he made a fool out of me. Do I still seem like a joke to everyone? Remember when I asked you… if it’d be okay for me to like you? Chan Woo. Hey, Mi Rae. What I said to you was a mistake. I think I was confused. I actually like someone else. Are you okay? Are you okay? I was looking for you because I was worried. I heard Chan Woo and Kyung Seok had a fight at the cafeteria. I heard Chan Woo even pushed you. Did you get hurt? No. What happened? I thought things were going well between you and Chan Woo. What’s going on? I don’t know. He asked me if he could like me, but then he said it was a mistake. Is that why Kyung Seok got mad and fought with him? No, they fought because Kyung Seok made Chan Woo trip. I see. Do you… have a crush on Chan Woo? No. Not at all. I’m so relieved that he doesn’t actually have feelings for me. Yes, don’t let it bother you. Have you heard? Chan Woo’s nickname is SOJ. Son of Jerk. He really should behave himself as our senior. Why does he have to bother freshmen? He’s so annoying. Just forget about it. Don’t take it to heart. You have me, you know. I have you? We’ll be late for our class. Let’s go. Okay. If he bothers my friend again, I’ll teach him a serious lesson. “My friend”? Friends must help each other. Aren’t I right? Yes, thanks. You just smiled. Do you feel better now? She’s an angel. Yes, I’m totally fine now. Hello, I’m Yeon Woo Young. I’ll be helping you with your experiments. First, I’ll explain how the experiments will work. After that, you’ll split up into teams. – We’re sorry. – We’re sorry. You’ll do all experiments in teams. Each team will consist of 5 to 6 students. You’ll be graded as teams, so please help each other out. Now, let’s split you guys into teams. Come on out. We’ll do a random draw. It’s going to be hard. I can’t believe we have to do team experiments in this class. Gosh, I really hope I can team up with someone I know. Somebody I know. My goodness. – I heard this class is hard. – Somebody I know. Someone I know, please. (Team 3) Mi Rae, are you in Team One? No, Team Three. Won Ho, are you in Team Three? I was so worried. Thank goodness one teammate is someone I know. Gosh, you idiot. I hope there’s a pretty girl in our team. Hey, Won Ho. Are both of you in this team? – What are you doing here? – What? I was hoping a pretty girl would join us. Why you? – Are you dumb? – Whatever, Ji Hyo. You’re the type to go off the grid when we have a group assignment. Gosh, you little… Shall I teach you a lesson? Please don’t. I want to live. I bet Won Ho will enlist in the army after getting dumped by a girl. You’ll be a total outcast when you join the military, you idiot. – Totally. – Okay. – Are you in Team Three too? – Yes. Me too. We’re in the same team, then. – Really? – Yes. Is Soo A the last one to join our team? Is this Team Three? This is amazing. All the celebrities of the first year are in our team. – “Celebrities”? – Yes. You and Do Kyung Seok are very famous, you know. So is Mi Rae. It’ll be each team leader’s duty to guide the team members… and make sure to submit the reports on time. What should we do? Are there any volunteers? How about Mi Rae? Me? She seems very mature, so I think she’ll be a great team leader. I’m not sure. I’ll just do it. Then I’ll be our notetaker. Do we need a manager? It’s that girl, the celebrity of Hankook University. She’s really pretty. She’s already so famous. Even guys at other schools are asking me about Hyun Soo A. – Hyun Soo A? – Yes. I see. I like soda too. What are you good-looking people doing here? Are you two dating already? Please stop. Kyung Seok hates hearing things like that. Soo A, what guy wouldn’t want to date you? Can you give me that? Buy one with your money. I was just kidding. They’re just standing, and yet it looks like a scene from a movie. They’re making our school look like a film set. It’ll be crazy if they actually date, right? Yes, totally. – Thanks for this. – Mi Rae. Let’s have a quick talk. What’s going on? A secret chat between just the two of you? We don’t have any secrets. Go on. Okay. What’s going on? What could it be about? I’m not sure. – This is yours, right? – Yes. – It was on the cafeteria floor. – I see. – What? – Are you really not Kang Mi Rae… from Jaryong Middle School? The bus stop. Pomelo. Don’t tell anyone. – About what? – What I used to look like. Keep it to yourself. Kyung Seok. Do Kyung Seok. See you. Hey. Are you wearing perfume? (Kang Mi Rae) Yes. Am I not even allowed to wear perfume? Will my undergraduate years end up turning into another disaster? Pomelo. By the way, how does he remember my perfume? There will be a frosh week party here. For your department. I have so much to do. Help me put this up. Come on. I haven’t found a part-timer yet. Kyung Seok, please? Kyung Seok, help me with this. I must say, you’re such a nice guy. Shut it. Although you’re very rude to me. I mean, you’re nice. So nice. By the way, who’s that girl? No way. Are you interested in girls now? Or was she hitting on you? Tell me. Don’t tell anyone. What I used to look like. Keep it to yourself. – Are you an idiot or what? – Hey. That totally startled me. How could you… You’re not nice at all. I take back what I said earlier. Shall I… just not go to the frosh week party? Don’t you worry. He doesn’t even care about you. I mean, don’t you know him? But still, I’ll be so uncomfortable. Hey. It’s not like you spent… all that money and risked your life to get the plastic surgery… just so that you can keep avoiding people. Right. Or… should I go ask him for a favor in person? How about you get close with him… and make him on our side? It’ll be more of a hassle if things go worse. Let’s wait and see for now. It’s because you’re anxious. Still, I have a friend in my department… who’ll take my side if something happens to me. Who is that? Hyun Soo A. Have you become close with her? Yes. I’m telling you, he’s interested in you. No way. This is really frustrating. I know. He should’ve returned the perfume to you when we were there. Why did he call you outside? That’s really not it. I think this place is so nice, don’t you agree? Mi Rae. – Hi. – Hi, Mi Rae. – Hello. – Why are you late? Hi. What is Kyung Seok doing over there? The owner here is his close friend. – Is that right? – Hello. – Hello. – Hello. This is on the house. – Thank you. – Thank you. Welcome to the start of the frosh week party! – Hello. – Welcome. – Hi. – Hello. – What’s up? – Hey. I care more about face than body figure. It’s a no for me if she’s ugly no matter how nice her figure is. Face can be fixed. Whatever. Soo A. What do you care the most when it comes to men? Well… I think personality matters the most. – Great. – What are you doing? Sit down. – What’s that? – All right. All the seniors are gathered around Soo A. How about we play the image game? Sure, that sounds fun. Let’s play the image game. – I’ll go first. Let’s go this way. – Okay. I’ll start with a weak question. Who do you think was most delinquent in high school? 1, 2, 3. Mi Rae has got all the votes. It’s not true though. – Bottoms up. – Bottoms up. – Good. – It’s my turn. Who do you think dated the most among us? 1, 2, 3. It’s me again? – I’ve never dated anyone. – Alcohol is drinking me – I am drinking alcohol – I am drinking alcohol – Kang! – Kang! – Mi! – Mi! – Rae! – Rae! – Bottoms up! – Bottoms up! She’s so cool. Mi Rae’s good at drinking. It’s your turn. Oh, right. – What should I do? – Gosh. Hold on. Are you okay? Yes. Well, I don’t know. Oh, okay. Who do you think kissed the earliest among us? You mean, kiss? Not a peck? Kiss. 1, 2, 3. Kyung Seok, it’s you. Wait, hold on. Raise your hands if you voted for him. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Raise your hands if you voted for Mi Rae. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It’s half and half. Why don’t we do a couple drinking? – Will do. – Will do. – Couple drinking. – Couple drinking. – Couple drinking. – We’ll just drink separately. Right, Mi Rae is drinking three times in a row already. I’ll drink two shots then. He’s really good at drinking. Oh, Do Kyung Seok. Give me that. What? Thank you. Shouldn’t he make a wish for this favor? I think they really have something. I guess so. He’s cool. It’s my turn now, right? All right. Who do you think got the most professions from the opposite sex? 1, 2, 3. Me? No, that never happened for me. Come on. It’s the image game, not truth or dare. Drink it. – Drink! – Drink it. I drank a lot already though. – Drink. – Drink it. Goodness. Is he out of his mind? Are you really going to do it? Soo A, can you stand up for a second? Why? (Frosh Week Party for Chemistry Department) Actually, I wasn’t thinking of expressing my feelings for you this soon. But there were just too many guys going for you, so I thought I should make you mine quickly. It’s crazy. – Goodness. – It’s too corny. I like you. Let’s go out, Soo A. What a man. Great. I… I never imagined you’d think of me this way. But I don’t think I’m ready… to go out with someone yet. I’m sorry. Still, we’re good friends to each other. We’ll stay the same, right? Of course, we’re all friends. Right? Let’s go take some fresh air. Gosh, that idiot doesn’t know whom she likes. – Hope you become closer. – Be friends. Goodness. Are you having fun? – Hello. – Hello. Face the reality. I told you not to do it. You think it makes sense to profess to a girl… without giving her any gift in such a generation? Or prepare some balloons and flowers… and try again. I’ll help you out. Do you remember my name? Of course, I remember it… because your voice sounded nice when you introduced yourself. How about we have fried chicken with beer after class? What do you say? If Soo A goes, I’ll go too. He’s cute. What? You cute boy. Okay? Okay. “Okay.” It’ll be awesome if they become a campus couple. Right? I guess so. It was a joke. Thanks for the drink. Kyung Seok, that… Soo A, you must be surprised a lot. There are those strong-headed punks. If it’s uncomfortable, you may go first. I’ll take you home. No, I’m all right. Really? How dare he try to hit on you, seriously? I can’t believe it. Then again, being pretty is a headache indeed. I know. Soo A’s face looks like it has been sculpted. What? I didn’t do any plastic surgery though. Mi Rae is pretty like a doll. Her face and body figure. Right. – Mi Rae’s pretty. – That’s right. Mi Rae didn’t do any plastic surgery either. Hey. You think it’s funny? What do you mean? Is it fun? You mean, the frosh week party? Of course, it’s fun. The frosh week party? I’m talking about your ridiculous act. I don’t understand what you’re saying. Or you’re just pretending like you don’t know. Soo A, are you crying? – Why this punk… – Don’t cry. – Why are you crying? – What’s wrong with you, Kyung Seok? – Apologize right now. – Apologize. Kyung Seok! I’m sorry. I guess I did something wrong. You did nothing wrong. – Apologize to her, punk! – Don’t cry, Soo A. I guess he’s mistaken. Soo A. What’s wrong with you? Are you a fool or an idiot? Why does that jerk behave so rudely like that? Let’s not swear. Can’t you see the situation? Are you taking his side because he’s handsome? Stop adding to it! The girls aren’t saying anything about his terrible manner. They’re crazy about handsome looks. You’re crazy about pretty girls too. You guys got so hyper when Soo A came here. What is it? Are you mad that you’re not a match to Soo A? – What? – Hey, don’t bother them. Did you talk about me just now? Girls have got to serve military and fix their attitudes. Why are you bringing up military here? You haven’t even served your duty yet! – I’m going to! – Why don’t you go right now? Did I enter an elementary school or what? Stop it. What’s wrong? What happened? Some girl was putting up a show. See you. Hey, Kyung Seok! I need to talk to you for a second. What’s wrong with him? Soo A. I really didn’t know. I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. I should’ve told you first. I know it’s hard to tell that kind of story first. Why am I so slow-witted? Soo A. Are you okay? Don’t think about running away like a coward. The loser will give up on Soo A like a man. Understand? Do you feel better now? Yes, thank you. Don’t mention it. I’m glad you feel better. By the way, have you thought about it? About our relationship. Yes, I’ve given it some thought, but I don’t think… you and I can be together. Why? I think it’ll be better for us to stay as friends. Why do we have to? Is it uncomfortable to go out with your direct senior? Let’s make it a secret then. That’s not the reason. Then what is it? What’s the reason? You said you liked me too. Did I misunderstand? That’s not it. I’m friends with Mi Rae. What? How can I go out with my friend’s crush? Soo A, that’s… I told you. That’s not it. I’m sorry. I’ll go first. Soo A, hold on. Soo A. Soo A. That’s… Hey, calm down. It’s your turn. Drink it. Are you giving up because you might lose? Then give up on Soo A. Don’t change words later. Give up on what? – Is she an object or what? – What did you say? You got rejected simply because you were not good enough. – What, you punk? – Calm down. What do you know about Soo A? If you play with Soo A, depending on that handsome face or yours, I won’t let it slide. Understand? You’re too drunk. Let’s hurry and go. – Can I really go? – Yes. It’s really fine. It seems like the party will end soon though. No, it might last for a long time this way. – You must be tired, so go. – Right, go home. – Still… – Hurry and go. It’s okay, so go. Then I’ll go first. – Okay, bye. – Bye. Bye. Do you like me? What? Do you like me? Do you want to go out with me? No. Then did you babble on to Soo A to hit me in the back? – What? – She says… she can’t go out with me because you like me. Who said that? Because I’ve never said such a thing. Then go tell her directly yourself… that you don’t care even if she goes out with me. Why should I do that? Hey, stop right there. What are you doing? Are you crazy? – What did I do? – What did you do? Hey, you flirted with me first. How dare you act like you don’t know, wench? Did you think things would work out for real because I was nice to you? Don’t make me laugh. People like you are everywhere in Gangnam. Gosh, you plastic monster. How dare you swear at me? What did I do so wrong? What did I do? Why that crazy… Do you want to die? That crazy witch. Hey! Don’t make me laugh. People like you are everywhere in Gangnam. Gosh, you plastic monster. Hey, gosh. (We thank Park Min Ji for special appearance.) (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) Aren’t you curious what Mi Rae looked like in the past? Mi Rae and Kyung Seok went to the same middle school. It’s nothing to hide, so why didn’t they tell us? Maybe he liked her. If I didn’t know she did plastic surgery, is there a reason why I should ask her about it when she didn’t? You don’t look that thoughtless. He gathered all the freshmen in the department. Tell Kyung Seok and Kyung Hee… that their mom wants to see them. All the female freshmen may leave except for Kang Mi Rae. Mi Rae. Let’s go. What are you doing right now? (My ID is Gangnam Beauty)

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