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My Handwriting

My Handwriting

Hi guys! as highly requested today I have for you a video about my handwriting I find that my handwriting looks the best when I use gel pens with a 0.7 mm tip I know it’s not ergonomically correct but this is the way that I hold my pens and sometimes I’ll hold them this as well first of all, I’ll be writing out the alphabet along with numbers and some punctuation the pen I’m using is a Pentel Energel 0.7 mm needle tip pen (piano music) and now I’ll be writing out some pangrams and these will be shown from 3 different angles (music) here is a sample of my handwriting in a larger block this is a review sheet for my French final I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see my handwriting alphabet again I’ll have my handwriting tag linked in the description along with my Tumblr and Instagram I upload videos new every Monday and Friday See you next time!

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