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my dad asked me to quit Yes Theory immediately

my dad asked me to quit Yes Theory immediately

The moment that scared me the most since we started this project just
happened last night It’s like I always knew it will come where I will have to make the decision between see they’re my family or Or what we’re doing here Every part of this journey has been has been divine, and i feel supported in the most supernatural way So I I know that what we stand for and the purpose that we’re bringing this World is this is gonna be just… worth… I’m just making the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make; just choosing this over My family and choosing you guys over my family It’s like the epitome of That generational like divide and just complete lack of the ability to create a middle ground and these kind of conversations because he sees what I love the most as evil And he sees my best friends as the bad friends I just know that I’m probably one out of millions who are part of the same position that’s why I just can’t stop here just Creating something different just a different path for the generations to come I want my son Ammar back Leave this evil and perverted group of yours and find another job or come back to Egypt immediately If you don’t do that then I won’t accept you as my son or my life at all for that matter You’ve caused so much harm for your family and relatives shame on you Wake up before it’s too late. I won’t accept any other outcome except what I stated above These were some of the things my dad mentioned to me in his letter a few days ago on my 24th birthday and before You form any opinions about my dad, or what kind of man he is I just want you to know that every word you just heard comes from the place of love and Need to protect me My dad has provided me with all the love and support that I could have possibly asked for throughout my entire life But now it’s become too hard for him to accept the path that I’ve taken I’ve done everything a good Muslim son shouldn’t do in his eyes I’ve dropped out of a full scholarship to university to pursue a career that he doesn’t understand I’ve chosen not to return to Egypt to fulfill my military service as he did I’ve questioned my cultures blind traditions And I’ve questioned him and because I didn’t meet his expectations for who his son should be he is now choosing to disown me For the path that I’ve chosen This is obviously a very Personal letter about a very sensitive subject, so you might be wondering why I’m telling you all this I simply know that I cannot be the only one stuck in this position and there’s someone out there who needs to hear this someone who’s had their dreams rejected by those they love the most and I just Know how painful it is to live through that experience So I want you to know that you’re not alone and as long as you’re letting purpose tear your life forward to know that every Bit of pain that we go through is just an inevitable Component to any success we want to accomplish and that is truly the essence of seeking this comfort despite what anyone tells you who you Should be you have the right to determine the life you want to live so don’t lift somebody else’s dream Just focus on finding and living yours. I still haven’t responded to my dads letter because quite honestly I don’t know how to communicate to him something that he just can’t relate to I Completely understand his world because I lived it But he just can’t understand mine obviously that’s not his fault and I would never blame him for it But my dad has made his decision and and here’s mine I’ve been working really hard for the past three years along with my best friends to put out a message that we truly think that Is much needed in today’s world I’m committed to spreading this message of love till the day I die and nothing shall stop that Dad, I​ hope you live a long and happy life and I wish that some day you will accept and understand my decision Thank you for watching and supporting us through this crazy journey be who you are and walk freely

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