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My CommonApp Honors & Awards [Pt. 1]

My CommonApp Honors & Awards  [Pt. 1]

*John Oliver the Great* Wrong page. Hey guys! It’s Chloe back again with another video Today’s video is going to focus on my Common
App, so we’re going to be covering things like honors and activities plus my additional
information column I’m not going to talk about my PS, or the
supplementary essays in this video because they are going to be in separate videos. Oh my alpaca is in view. If you guys do WSC, which is World Scholar’s
Cup — you know who this is. I’ll go into my high school statistics in
possibly another video as well, but for now I’ll just say what I put down here My courses are: Next section is going to be honors, so my
awards. The award that I put first (as in the one
I ranked first) is the China National Art and Calligraphy Competition Championship 1st
place For the international/national level, it’s
national level And I got this in ninth grade and again in
eleventh grade Chinese calligraphy is one of my hobbies,
I’ve been doing it for 13 years now I’ve been doing it since I was four, so 14
years coming soon. I’ve been competing every year; I’ve actually
been winning awards in it since 5 years old, but they only let you put one, so for the
sake of this I only put ninth and eleventh grade One more thing: I don’t know if disclaimers in college videos
are a thing. I watch youtube and it’s a thing when you’re
talking about like Christmas hauls and stuff; but disclaimer I am not trying to brag, literally no point
in me bragging about this on youtube. I’m just being honest with my stats and I’m not even sure that was necessary; it shouldn’t
be necessary Anyhow, The second honor I put is Outstanding delegate
(top 3%). My school counselor actually told me that
it should be lesser, it should be around 2%, but I put top 3% Harvard Model United Nations
conference in Boston International level I won this when I was in eleventh grade I’ll talk about MUN more; best, anyways: We’ll
talk about that later For the 3rd one, I put Principal’s List 2017,
so top 4.27%, the level is school level, and I got this in twelfth grade. This is like a inner-school scholarship; our
school just calls it the Principal’s List, it’s like the equivalent of a Dean’s List My 4th one is Best Delegate top 3.3%, from
Yale Model United Nations conference at New Haven (in Yale) International level and I got this in 10th grade And then my last one is gold medalist in China
Thinks Big 2016-2017 Global Finals in the MIT hackathon International level, I got this in 11th grade So I’ll talk about each of these briefly,
I suppose? First of all, it’s the Chinese Calligraphy
one I just submit a piece every year, sometimes
I make it, sometimes I don’t — Usually I get first place, sometimes I don’t The percentage for this is top 0.4% It’s not a “Throughout the whole country one
person gets chosen” kind of thing, it’s just a lot of people attend because there is (basically)
no age restriction — okay, it’s children so under 18 So you can submit one from 4 years old all
the way until you’re either 18 or 21 That’s a lot of people And then they pick the top 0.4% for first
place prize, and then they give that out. Second one: Outstanding delegate, HMUN in
Boston Not much to explain. I attend MUN conferences all the time. It’s the largest high school ECA, so I would
expect lots of people to do it. For my third one I put an inner school one,
after which I placed another MUN award, and finally I put the MIT Hackathon that we did
for China Thinks Big If you don’t know what China Thinks Big is,
it’s kind of like the equivalent of ISEF: International Science and Engineering Fair,
but for I can’t. Chinglish. for non-science students as well as science
students My team in particular, we call ourselves Artivation What we pushed for was basically promoting
Chinese cultural education So kind of reviving certain aspects of traditional
Chinese culture Our team was selected within Shanghai regionals/nationals,
and then we went to the Global Finals at Harvard in Boston It actually wasn’t the CTB competition we
won, because we faced some serious competition and the award we got wasn’t extremely outstanding
— we got like a first place in presentation But then the gold medalist I put here was
for the MIT hackathon, which was a sub-competition in that competition, organized by MIT They had this sustainability-themed hackathon. They gave you 16 hours or 12 hours to basically
come up with this project themed around sustainability, with these random people you don’t know So I went to CTB with my team, and our team
was put together with another team, and some other random people And so in the end it was like a mega team
of like 14 people. So what we did was — if you’ve been to Harvard,
or one of its info sessions — I’m sure they tell you about fly-by Which is the lunch box that you get on the
go when you’re going to classes and you eat on the way to class and during class and stuff (It tastes sh**y) (by the way) (it’s just a fact) But anyhow, the fly-by was contained in cardboard
containers, and we thought “hey, let’s do a sustainability project on that” We basically came up with this system where
people would use like recyclable plates and utensils that were made out of this special
material There was someone on our team who was like
a chemical materials enthusiast, so he really handled that part like Hands down to him We handled the presentation, the business
model, the estimated cost, the size, how to system worked, the costs, things like that and then we gave a short presentation and
we ended up getting gold medalist it was like Those were the honors; transitioning into

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  • It'sChloeTan says:

    Hey guys :> :>

    Yall have been leaving some really nice/informative comments and I've gotten to know some of you (as much as you can via lines of virtual text) and it's starting to feel more like a community?? 

    These two videos are all kind of just me-talking-and-explaining-things, and though that is kind of my default position on Youtube, personally I'm afraid it's kind of boring… Let me know what you guys think! 

    Also comment down below what other subjects/questions you guys have and I'll make a video on that!!  As of right now I have some Oxford PPE Interview Insider information-esque videos lined up, but that can change anytime with comments 😀

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    wow this really helped me a lot thanks.

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    Post a video on how to win in an MUN conference!

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    Hi thank you! I wonder if i can contact you because i need some help filling my application

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    Arnt these achievements?

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    Your videos are super fun to watch ! All the best for college and congratulations on your amazing honors!

  • Shawn Kang says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is very helpful. I am also a CTB contestant this year. Can you put the homepage of your CTB team on youtube. We really need some excellent work to refer to. 谢谢您?

  • Ash Novelle says:

    I’m in the ninth grade and I’m kind of aiming to become one of the leaders of my school. I’m a straight a student, but obviously that’s not enough. So….I’m not sure if I should go for MUN, debate and WSC

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