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Movement Exercise – Push-pull I

Movement Exercise – Push-pull I

Hello everyone. Welcome back to The
Penman Project. This is the first installment of my tutorial series on
muscular movement exercise. The purpose of muscular movement exercises is to help
you develop a consistent slant, writing scale and pressure control in your
handwriting. Those exercises can be divided into four broad categories. The
push-pull exercise is the most fundamental one and it will help impress the writing
slant into your muscle memory, so that all of your letters will be slanted in a
consistent way. The oval exercise is as important as it is difficult. It is
important because out of the 26 letters about ten of them have some kind of
oval structure embedded in their form. It is difficult because its axis is
invisible and you can only see it in your mind. In the tapered over exercise
you will be reducing the size of the ovary continuously, and you may start
this exercise after you have learned to write all the cursive uppercase and
lowercase letters. This exercise will help you transition from large practice
scale into smaller practical scale which you can use for everyday handwriting The spiral over exercise serves a
similar purpose the only difference is that you will be drawing concentric
ovals and if you find tapered oval exercise difficult, you might want
to start with this one first And finally, in the cross drill exercise you will learn
to identify your writing zone which is the region you are comfortable writing
with the goal is to combine your arm wrist and finger movement to expand your
writing zone. I will spend two videos on push-pull and oval exercises because they
are more important, and I will spend one video on the tapered oval, spiral oval and
cross drill exercise. In each video I’ll break the topic into smaller
exercises so you may start with the easy and progress incrementally to the more
difficult ones. For example, today’s video is about push-pull and I included eight
exercises in today’s video. I’ll go over those exercises one by one. After the
explanation, I will stop talking, stop the background music, and do all the
exercises from the beginning to the end in real speed as recorded. So you may
want to just leave the video on as you practice, listen to the writing sound, and
put on some music of your own choice If you know what I’m going to talk about
feel free to keep the talking part and straight to the actual complete
recording. In the first exercise you’ll simply trace the main slant from the
x-height to the baseline In the second exercise, you’ll trace the
main slant from the ascender height to the baseline. In the third exercise, you
will add an entry stroke which starts on the baseline and slowly tapers on to the
main slant. Pay attention to the pressure variation here, you want the entry stroke to
be lighter than the main slant In the next exercise, you’ll add an exit
stroke which is as light as the entry stroke Next you may simply multiply the
number of main slant between the entry and the exit strokes. Starting with five
repetitions first when you are comfortable writing five
repetitions, multiply it again to ten repetitions And finally you may multiply the number
again to do 20 reps in a row Pay attention that the nails on your pinky
and ring fingers should be gliding freely on the page. Otherwise your writing
zone will be severely restricted. If you find it difficult, consider doing an
extra exercise by drawing horizontal lines to fill in the blank space this should
help you increase your horizontal range of movement And now I’m going to play the complete
recording of all the exercises mentioned earlier

4 Replies to “Movement Exercise – Push-pull I”

  • Yewshen Lim says:

    You seem to use your fingers while demonstrating these drills. However the muscular movement instruction manuals I've been trying to follow seem to discourage finger movements. May I know why you prefer this method?

  • Jen Y says:

    I wanted to do something more productive with my free time so I ordered Spencerian and a fountain pen. I can see now I need to forget the pen for now. My hand writing is horrible and I never wrote in cursive much. I have a lot of work ahead. I would like to use your videos to start. What do you recommend? This is very important that I don't quit I always get discouraged with my new ideal to try something and give up. It would be nice to succeed at this! Your help would be wonderful.

  • AMIR says:

    Thanks. At 63 still learning.

  • Narra Gopi Krishna says:

    Sir where are other exercise in remaining

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