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Movement Exercise – Oval I

Movement Exercise – Oval I

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the
second video on movement exercise Today we will focus on although exercise oval
is a very common element in cursive handwriting. Among the twenty six
letters about ten of them have oval based structure while the rest of the
letters all have some kind of entry or exit strokes that are part of oval. And
the purpose of oval exercise is to help you easily produce those shapes in a
consistent way. For today’s video I prepared eight exercises in the order
of increasing difficulty. First let me talk about how each exercise should be
done . Then after I finished talking I will do all the exercises from the
beginning to the end. If you know what I’m going to talk about you may skip
directly to the complete recording For the first exercise you simply trace the
oval between the ascenders and descenders in the counterclockwise
direction while try to maintain a correct slant For the next exercise just
reverse the first exercise in the clockwise direction. You should not
deliberately try to press your pencil into paper. Simply let your pencil glide
freely without any pressure Next trace the oval five to ten times and stop when
your hands become steady or the oval becomes too messy repeat the same exercise in the opposite
clockwise direction For the next exercise start with the same tracing
motion but when your hand becomes steady directly jump to the next empty spot and
start tracing again. Repeats doing so until you can no longer move your hands
to the right and don’t forget to do the same exercise in the opposite clockwise direction When doing this exercise you should be
especially careful that all of your ovals should be sitting on the correct slant For the last exercise start by tracing
the oval but continuously move your hand to the right
to produce a series of evenly spaced ovals If you find this exercise too
difficult you might want to repeat the earlier exercise several times before
trying it again. To begin with, try to produce five to ten evenly spaced ovals
and don’t forget to do the same exercise in the opposite direction Thank you for watching. Now I’m going to
play the complete recording of all the exercises mentioned earlier. You might
want to just leave the video on as you practice and put on some music of your
own choice you

2 Replies to “Movement Exercise – Oval I”

  • Riven KR says:

    I have difficulties in clockwise direction, im right handed any tips for me ?

  • Amilkar Duarte says:

    Hi – first of all, thank you so much for your efforts. I was wondering if the guide sheet you use is available for download. I have the guides you shared but they are too think to use (you mentioned that already). Any help with getting the guide is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

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