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MOOC Islamic Calligraphy Introduction

MOOC Islamic Calligraphy Introduction

Assalamualaikum. My name is Anis Amni Binti Rohime. Welcome to the Intorduction to Islamic Calligraphy. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to the beauty of Malay calligraphy, which is basically a modified form of Islamic calligraphy. Confused? Don’t be — it is actually quite simple. Generally speaking, the Malays follow the Islamic faith, and Malay cultures are very influenced by many aspects of Islamic philosophies. This is especially apparent in visual art forms such as calligraphy, which you will learn about here. This course is designed for those with an interest in this art, but have never tried learning its finer points. As part of this course, you will learn about the background of islamic calligraphy, and some basic techniques on how to write your own. We will be covering four learning outcomes. By the end of the course, you will be able to: First, introduce the concept of calligraphy Secondly, explain the history of calligraphy Thirdly, identify the types of calligraphy and lastly, demonstrate the finesse of calligraphy writing according to the right methods. The content of this course will be delivered over the course of three weeks in three separate videos. The first video is an “Introduction to Islamic Calligraphy”, the second will be “Basic Essentials of Islamic Calligraphy”, and the third is entitled “A Practical Guide of Calligraphy.” Come and join us on this interesting journey to gain new knowledge and skills.

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