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Monster Truck Alphabet Rhyme | ABCs | Episode 07

Monster Truck Alphabet Rhyme | ABCs | Episode 07

“Yeay!” [GIGGLE] [GIGGLE] Hey kids! Well you’re in luck. “Yeah!” Here come the monster trucks! “Yeay!” YUP! It’s time For an awesome alphabet rhyme! “Yippee!” Now there are 26 letters from A to Z! [GIGGLE] Let’s have some fun, come rhyme with me! “Yippee!” A is for Axle it helps the trucks’ tires spin [GIGGLE] B is for Boom Boom There he goes again! “Oops!” C is for cab where people sit and look about “Yeah!” D is for door for getting in and getting out [GIGGLE] E is for exhaust it helps regulate air flow “Yeah” F is for fenders they protect the tires below [GIGGLE] G is for grille it lets cool air in “Yes!” H is for hood it covers the engine [GIGGLE] I is for ignition it helps turn the truck on “Woohoo!” J is for jump Let’s jump! C’mon! “Yippee!” K is for key it turns the ignition “Vroom!” L is for lights to help with night vision “Ta-da!” M is for monster, monster trucks! Alright! “Wahoo!” N is for nuts they hold tires on tight “Yes” O is for oil it keeps the engine running smooth [GULPING] P is for premium it’s the best fuel to use “Yeah!” Q is for quarter panel there are two on each side “Yahoo!” R is for ramp watch the trucks jump real HIGH! “Yeah!” S is for shocks they go up and down [CRASH] “Ack!” T is for tow to pull things around “Oooooh” U is for u-joint it makes the back wheels turn “Yahoo!” V is for v-r-o-o-o-m! Now watch them burn! [GIGGLE] W is for wheel they go round and around “Yeah!” X is for XL the largest tires we found! “Yeah!” Y is for yellow a blinking signal “Yeah!” Z is for zig zag! C’mon let’s wiggle! [GIGGLE] You‘ve learned 26 letters from A to Z And lots of truck parts! Easy, smeazy! “Yeah!” Now since you’re a pro And you know what you know “Yahoo!” Let’s pick up the pace With an alphabet race! “Yeah!” Ready? Set. Go!!! A-B-C-D-E-F-G H-I-J-K-L-M-N O-P-Q-R-S-T-U V-W-X-Y-Z WooHoo! It’s been such an awesome time! “Yeah!” You did great learning this rhyme. [GIGGLE] But finally, it has come to an end “Ooohhhh” Thanks for being my alphabet friend! [GIGGLE] See you next time! WooHoo! Hooray!
“Yeah!” Keep on trucking my friends! Yeah!” We’ll be back another day! “Awesome!”

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