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Money, Religion, Freedom: Expat Life In Qatar w/ Andy McGinlay

Money, Religion, Freedom: Expat Life In Qatar w/ Andy McGinlay

Andy, welcome back. thank you, I’m hijacking Arabic Mike’s channel for the second time that’s right yeah, you might have seen Andy previously in a video we shot it was almost exactly a year ago in Dubai that we shot that last video ‘Meet the Guy with the Emirates Tattoo’ let’s see it but you didn’t get to see it last time we didn’t get to see it I was wearing a kandora, so here it is It’s actually there… look at that! It’s real it is real it’s not fake is it? it’s not going to come off? not fake, I didn’t go to the gym enough so I should have pumped up before I didn’t realise yeah, it would have grown a little bit that way so Andy… you’re an expat right? Living in Qatar Yep Which is where are… well where are we now? welcome to Doha this is the amazing skyline capital of Qatar, it’s incredible, very picturesque and… but yeah, I don’t actually lived here in Doha, I live out in the desert about one hour north Okay in a college… I’m teaching, so for me, this is like a holiday to come to Doha to come to Doha… so people watching this might be considering moving to Qater they might live in in the UK, they might live in the United States, Canada, Australia or whatever maybe even India or South Asia, East Asia… because one thing I can say with certainty about Qatar having just been a few days, is that there are a lot of expats here tons so where you from? tell us a little bit about yourself and tell us your story about how you ended up working in Qatar I’m from Glasgow in Scotland’s, can you tell from my thick Scottish accent Scottish accent? I can tell from your Scottish accent, yeah I’m half English right… I won’t say which one is my better half, I’ve been an expat for a decade now right I’ve lived and worked in five countries Okay Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and… this is my fifth country wow, so in terms of the Middle East you worked in Saudi, UAE, and Qatar you’ve seen quite a lot of the Gulf? yeah, It’s a great region I enjoy working here, I mean, there’s so many benefits if you’re thinking about coming to work for me the number one thing… the weather it’s always sunny here… it’s always warm really? That’s interesting because I actually agree with you yeah? and so many people see the weather as a negative you will have heard it about… you will have heard from natives, ‘oh the weather’s so hot, so hot’ but I like that we love it and you’re from Scotland, which is a cold country so we must be like reptiles or something what happened… well speak for yourself I think what it is, is like… no one’s ever really satisfied with the weather they’ve got so when you’re asking or talking to Arabs, if you make friends, they’ll tell you they love the rain Yeah they love cold weather, and they’re sick of the sunshine and there’s a complete opposite for Brits and Scots we you know… we chase the sun… we want to get a tan we love it but we hate the rain yeah so… no one’s really fully kind of satisfied with the weather but for me, for this time of the year… we’re entering winter… it’s perfect guys, this is winter, we’re in t-shirts It’s about 30 degrees, the sun’s beating down… it’s gorgeous and this is what you can definitely expect in terms of weather wise so… I mean… so the weather’s amazing… going back to kind of what to expect when you move to Qatar… what are some things which are different about being a teacher in Scotland and being a teacher in Qatar… just broad-brush summarise it… you know you don’t pay any tax here… so…that’s a winner… winner winner chicken dinner so you save all your money I mean I wasn’t a teacher in the UK, I have worked there, of course I’ve paid my taxes, but I don’t pay any now, so that’s for me the biggest draw it’s a big draw, isn’t it? And I mean, the weather here is great… the quality of life here is good but I mean, would you agree that the overall pull factor to countries like Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait… is the money is the money… it that fair to say? I wish I was here for some loftier purpose, but in the end, it’s just about the money we come here for money, we come to save for our future or to build a home or to, you know, for many different reasons but the money is so attractive here it can give you a really good head start in life, and if you come in your 20s or 30s… you can save up some money that is gonna set you up quite well because it’s not easy, you know I don’t want to sound like… it’s impossible to save up and be successful in the UK, because it’s not I don’t think… but it’s not the easiest thing now with you know, high house prices etc…. and this is across the whole world… the Western world, certainly it’s not the easiest thing to save up but coming here you can kind of fast forward a little bit, get some money in the bank to maybe then think about buying a house or having some savings if that’s what you’re looking to do, right? exactly… yeah, and a lot of the packages that you get, if you do come to work here they pay for your accommodation they give you, depending on your job, they will give you a car, they’ll give you allowance free food as a good drive with my job so you really end up keeping… I’ll be honest, about 95% of my salary… I keep it… it’s incredible yeah, there aren’t many other places or jobs or countries where you can live like there are so few parts of the world where you can get such generous benefits you know your financial advisor might say, ‘save 10 percent… save 10 percent of everything you earn’… …save 90% pretty much… pretty much, yeah but… it’s never enough though. Is it? no, you know humans are greedy people always want more and… I don’t know how long… maybe I can take this question before the foreword… how long would I stay in the Middle East? As long as the the package is like this you know, the weather’s not gonna change… I could probably stay here for a good few more years yeah definitely is there anything else which is a big, I guess culture shock having come from the UK say for example to moving here I mean rewind 10 years ago just reminded us again where you went first… you went to Thailand first or Australia first? well I did I did a gap you in Australia when I was a lot younger I worked at McDonald’s really? so there was not much culture shock they pay well at Mcdonalds… relatively yeah, and you also get free food there as well free food… well that’s a bonus but when I moved to Thailand, that’s when I began teaching and that was about a decade ago and seven years there, a couple of years in United Arab Emirates, a year and a bit in a bit in Saudi and now I’m here so cultural differences…yeah… so having moved from Thailand to Saudi for example what’s the first thing that’s kind of…it feels like a while back and it might be quite difficult to kind of put yourself back in that position many years ago but… can you remember any things which really struck you as someone who just got off the plane in Saudi… there to live… there to work…this isn’t a short, you know, business trip… two or three days you’re not going there for a week on holiday, you’re there to start a new life you’re there to start a new job and you might be there for three… four or five years so how did that feel when you first arrived I had experiences in Yemen in places like Iraq and Syria, before the war, so coming to the Middle East for me wasn’t a big culture shock but I know a lot of guys really struggle when they first arrive in places like… especially like Saudi Arabia because what they will perceive, is a huge lack of freedoms so the things that you are used to, your freedoms such as freedom of speech freedom of thoughts… sometimes you really can’t say what you’re thinking lack of alcohol, for example, another thing… lack of pork, you can’t eat pork in the Middle East it’s Haram… it’s forbidden… things like that, you have to kind of sacrifice in order to thrive in the Middle East you need to be able to adjust adjust but you kind of put something… you put part of yourself in a box for a while while you’re here and you just have to be careful and be guarded and not say anything stupid be tolerant and be very respectful and be patient another thing with the Gulf countries is… religion as a big deal sure… a huge deal obviously Islam is the main religion and I find that the people… the Muslims here are very pious and so you must respect that, we have to, you know, be considerate things like Friday prayers… yeah, it’s Friday so this is the the blessed day of the week for them, I guess like Sunday was for Europeans back in the day you know, little things like that, you have to pay attention to it… be careful, be respectful and… that can be a challenge for some people… some people find it hard to hold their tongue, you know and you really have to zip it, you know? If you don’t know Andy… YouTube channel, ‘WeCanFly777’ Andy makes the best flying vlogs on YouTube there’s no doubt about it… when he flies which he does a lot yeah he takes his camera, his GoPro with him, when you watch his vlog you feel like you’re on the plane with him you see the food he eats, the movies he watches, what’s out the window the whole experience you meet the staff and if you’re someone who likes flying in Airlines, then check out channel, ‘WeCanFly777’ you won’t regret it yeah, you’ll love it, thank you… thank you for the plug that’s alright how much does that cost me that like ten riyals for that? yeah 10 riyals okay

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    I was raised and went to school in Qatar. For my 10th grade English exam, we had to write a long essay on one of our personal heroes. I was a pretty hardcore Atheist in those years, mainly in response to the country's overwhelming religiosity and for previously being forced to take a class on Islam in which the teacher would make up ridiculous arguments in favor of the "truth of Islam" (though from what I remember we at least weren't tested in that class). Anywho, the topic for my paper was Charles Darwin, and how science has benefited greatly from his theory of evolution. The day our papers were graded, our home teacher walked into the classroom with a really dark and somber look on his face. He announced that someone, without naming me specifically, wrote a paper that didn't conform with the country's cultural values and that he was forced to give it a failing grade; emphasizing how fortunate the person in question was for not facing more severe punishment. Luckily I didn't have to deal with that bullshit next year since I took IGCSEs which were graded in the UK. I'm torn because I love Qatar and most everything about it, but religion, as it has been throughout history, has a very strong and very harmful effect on Qatari society and the freedoms of its residents. Hopefully in my lifetime, the people of the Middle East will stop reading fairy tales and worshiping sky genies.

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