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Modern Layer Cake Square in a Square – Quilt Along

Modern Layer Cake Square in a Square – Quilt Along

hey everyone this is Yoan and welcome
today’s episode is the quilting episode where I share with you my quilting
adventure and this time I would love to share this really fun quilt behind me this is
sort of the square in the square quilt so the finished measurement of this quilt
is about 51 1/2″ wide and 60″ long so it’s a great throw
size quilt. For this quilt you will need the whole pack of layer cake or the ten
inch squares it usually comes 42 pieces in one package this is a relatively
simple quilt to make, I reckon this quilt also as beginner-friendly so if you
already knew the basic of quilting, I believe you can make this quilt so I
hope you enjoyed this quilt along video and without further ado let’s get
started. Prepare a full package of layer cake or the 10 inch squares the one that
I have here is from the French General by Moda fabrics and this line is
called Fleur de Noel now take two contrasting layer cake so
I’ve got here one darker color and another one lighter color lay the layer
cake straight on the cutting mat aligning all the edges and the you want to
stack the other one right on top of it making sure all the edges are aligned
now take your ruler and measure 3 1/2″ and then cut now from
the cutting line you want to measure 1 1/2″ and then cut so now we’ve got
3 1/2″ strips and 1 1/2″ strips so I’m going to move
these guys out of the way for now. Now I’m going to take these strips that
should be measuring 5 inch wide, now I’m going to lay them width wise just like
that then I’m going to take my ruler and do pretty much the same as before so I’m
going to measure 3 1/2″ first and then cut then I’m going to
measure 1 1/2″ from the first cutting line and then cut so
you’ll end up with five pieces of fabric from each layer cake now if you want the
written cutting instruction and layout pictures you may hop over to my website
I will have the link in the description box down below now we’re going to
separate fabric A from fabric B we’re gonna start from the number 1 which is
the 5 inch squares these are going to be the inner squares now we’re going to
take the rest of the panels and put them all back together however you want to
swap them so you wanna put the panels from fabric B to frame the square of
fabric A and vice versa so you’re gonna end up with something like this now go
ahead and sew your block starting from the panel number two and three or the
shorter panels and of course we’re gonna use the quarter inch of seam allowance
throughout the piecing. Alright now I’m gonna go ahead and sew this panel
now go ahead and press the seams it doesn’t really matter to which direction
ideally you wanna press them towards the darker color all right now we’re going
to sew the fourth and fifth panels or the longer panels so I’m gonna start
with this panel here and obviously this panel is longer now in measurements I
don’t like to start from the edge so I kind of center the position a little bit
that’s just a personal preference we’re gonna square up the block later anyway
and trim off whatever excess. Now we’re going to sew the last panel. Next we’re
going to trim off the excess fabric and then square up the block to measure 9
inch square you can use square ruler like I do here so simply find that 9
inch point and then trim off whatever excess you can also use regular ruler if
you don’t have this kind of square ruler just make sure that your block will turn
out to be exactly 9 inch by 9 inch now I’m gonna do the same with the other set so you want to do the same for the rest
of your layer cake there is one more point that I’m gonna emphasize
here when you arrange the block it doesn’t really matter the position of
the panels so you can swap the position just like what I’m doing here as long as
they will match and of course you have to make sure that the inner square is
kept inside you can do batching if you want to make it a lot faster like right
here I’ve got four sets ready to be sewn they’re all already in order so I’m
going to go ahead and sew them all at the same time with chain piecing method
now if you’re afraid that you’re gonna get confused or you get so much
distraction you can simply do two at the time or you can also do more maybe
do six or eight at the time whatever makes sense for you
When laying out the quilt blocks arrange them in irregular manner what I mean by
that is you want to make sure that each block doesn’t sit in the exact same
position so make it real random perhaps you want to alternate the darker color
from the lighter color make them look more interesting so this is how my
layout turned out to be so you’ll end up with seven rows and each row will have
six blocks so here I’ve got all of my quilt blocks already systematically group
according to each row from the first row up to the seventh row and I label
each row with my sticky note and simply keep them together with my fabric clips
all right now I’m ready to sew them together now you can sew one row at a
time or you can do like me and so two rows simultaneously sort of doing chain
piecing so I keep the labels intact on the first block just to make sure I
won’t get lost what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start from my first row so I’m
going to take the first and second blocks sew them together and just like
doing chain piecing I’m not gonna cut the thread and I’m gonna go ahead and
grab my second row so the first and the second block of the second rows and I’m
gonna go ahead and sew them together all right now I’m gonna go ahead and cut
the thread of my first row then take the third block of the first row and
then sew so I’m going to keep doing the same
sequence until I get to the last block press the seams of each row towards
opposite direction for example if you press the seams of the first row towards
the left square then you want to press the seams of the second row towards the
right square and vice versa all right so here I’ve got each of the
row already sewn now it’s time to sew all of these rows together so I like to
sew the first and second row first and then the third in the fourth row and
then the fifth and sixth row and then I join them all together so let’s start
from the first and the second row so I’m going to sew of course with quarter inch
of seam allowance and I simply match the seams as I go if you’re a pinner you can pin
them first matching the seams so use whichever way is more comfortable for
you and then go ahead and press the seams
it doesn’t really matter to which direction you want to press at this
point now I’m gonna go ahead and sew the third in the fourth row alright so here I’ve got my quilt top
already layer with the quilt batting and the quilt backing now it’s time to baste
them I like using basting spray but you can use pins or combined basting spray
with pins or use fusible batting whatever it is that you prefer. So I
free motion quilt this with simple loop to the loop design and I also added a
little bit of snowflakes design where it’s visible like here and I also did a little
bit of scribbling with cursive writing I wrote some simple words like hope or
joy, peace since I actually made this for Christmas obviously you can quilt this in
whatever quilting method that you like you can do walking foot quilting or hand
quilting or long arm quilt once you’ve done quilting go ahead and bind your
quilt in any method that you like so I use this pre-made
quick binding from Wrights I happen to have this in my stash and I thought this
gonna go very well with the whole quilt this binding is quite chunky though so
the width is about 7/8 of an inch but I kind of like it it’s sort of really
framed the whole quilt since I didn’t add any border to this quilt and I apply
this binding exactly the same way as I would apply a bias binding and I finish
it with hand stitching, if you make your own binding strips you’re gonna need
about seven strips for this project and that’s about it guys thank you so much
for watching I hope this videosserve you well and I shall see you next time
with another fun sewing and quilting project goodbye!

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