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Modern Calligraphy & Tea Mindfulness Workshop (Aug ’18 Highlight)

Modern Calligraphy & Tea Mindfulness Workshop (Aug ’18 Highlight)

My name is Chath and I attended Kim and Daniella’s
Calligraphy and Mindfulness workshop because my friend Mary recommended it. As busy mums we’re always looking
for something that we can do that doesn’t take much time
but has a really creative and positive outlet. Even though there were four
other people in the room, I really felt like I was getting
a personal lesson. Kim took the time to
answer my questions and also helped me with
the concerns I had and I know she did the same
for every other student. So the small classes really work. If I had to take away something from today,
it was really to take time out for myself and to channel that energy into
taking care of my mental health but also creating something
positive and interesting and above all pretty. My favourite part of today was actually
spending time with my friends. The way that the workshops worked I learned something interesting
but I also got to spend quality time and get to know the people
that I was learning with.

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