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ok did you guys have the time to practice? alright among 24 Korean alphabets, you already have learned 11 which is like the half and it only took like 5 minutes Now since we are done with the vowel it is time to work on the consonant Like i have mentioned, there are 14 consonants the name of these doesn’t matter the sound when it is combined with the vowel, that is the most important thing so that is how we are going to learn you do’ not need to know the name so let’s combine with the vowel first and you guys need to repeat after me loud so you can get the idea faster obviously this consonant sounds like a G. the vowels are all the same so anybody can read this? you should be able to do it that is correct give her a hand everybody! this is called “여기요” Which is directly related to the topic that we are going to do today it is used to call out the waiter in the restaurant you need to know how to say “여기요: Or else you might end up starving in a restaurant I will teach about this later so here is the second consonant Let’s combine with the vowel once again haha i can see some of you guys massaging your mouth right now so how does this sound? the stroke goes to the right side this is ‘me’ the second one is… it means ‘You’ the final one is.. read this you guys it means ‘who?’ so these three, you will use them a lot during sentences in Korean the third one is ‘ㄷ’ i think you guys are getting the idea when it is with the vowel so let’s combine can you tell me how this sounds like? I believe in you! one more time, you can do this haha you already know how to read now this means where are you going? the next one is called ‘ㄹ’ this is the tricky part if you write this in English, it is going to become L or R however, it doesn’t sound like any of it so if you say it in English way, you might end up with weird pronounciation so i suggest you to listen and repeat so anybody can say this? ‘Radio’ that is correct, good job ok so we can now read a sentence repeat after me which means where are we going? the next one is ‘ㅁ’ it is going to make like an M sound so let’s combine head as you can see from the picture it means tree this one kind of makes a ‘B’ sound anybody know what it means? it means Banana obviously haha the next one kind of makes the ‘S’ sound I know I am going fast However i will give you guys time to review all of these Let’s combine first which means singer


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