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yeah i know this is the painful process right now however once we are done with this, we are going to do much more fun stuffs so don’t worry so much this is the ㅈ which kind of makes the J sound I guess alright let’s add you guys need to know Combination Vowel to read this now ‘두개’ means 2. and ‘주세요’ is used in shopping mall or restaurant it means “give it to me” so this sentence means give me two bananas the next thing is ‘ㅋ’ which kind of makes the ‘K’ sound I guess so let’s combine anybody can guess what it menas? yeah it’s kind of hard I know haha it means camera. let’s go to the next consonant it sounds like ‘ch’ so let’s combine. so this sounds like.. One tea please~ now ‘하나’ means 1. however, we will go through it eventually. we are almost done. Read this. you can read this now. we have done this earlier repeat after me ‘두 개’ ‘주세요’ it means ‘give me 2 notebooks’ this photo makes me hungry i don’t need to explain this right? ‘판’ will be the unit for counting pizza. don’t worry we will go through it eventually. repeat after me. the final consonant~ now if you guys remember, ‘가요’ means ‘I am going’ read this it means “I am going on a vacation” so we have done 14 consonants and 10 vowels. really fast i know i have gone through very fast so i will give you few minutes review this with Korean partner Korean partners need to make up new words for practice. with these consonants Vamos

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