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Grammar is overrated Korean is both difficult and easy at the same time. Speaking is the hard part. However reading is the easy part i can teach you guys to read basic Korean alphabets in 15 minutes that’s all it takes in Korean, there are 10 vowels and 14 Consonants. So 24 total. And the rest is whether the consonants go under.. Or whether the vowels combine each other… So if you know these 24, you got it! I figured out The easiest way to learn ‘Hangul’ We will do very fast by learning 10 vowels first. These are called ‘Tall Vowels’ The rule for the Tall Vowel is that The vowel always goes to the right side of the Consonant. The vowel itself does not matter. What is important is that when it is combined with the consonant and what kind of sound it makes The circle here is good for practice because.. it doesn’t have any sound. It sounds like the vowel itself So here we go! this is called ‘이’ Notice that there is a little stroke going right side of the tall vowel? When it goes to the right side, You throw the sound from your throat like.. The next thing is called the double vowel. For this one, the stroke goes to the left side of the tall vowel. In this case, you suck the sound to your throat. And this is the double vowel for ‘어’ Can you guys read how this sounds like? That is correct very easy right? You guys have learned 6 among 24 already. We will learn 5 more and give you some time to practice The next one is the fat vowel And as you can see, these are so fat that They always sink under the consonant. That is the rule all the time it goes under. so let’s practice When the stroke goes down Like I have said earlier, you throw the sound. And this is the double vowel for ‘우’ and the next one is and the final one is… So how would this sound like? That is correct! You guys are right It means Milk in Korean. Let’s practice all these ten. Repeat after me. I know this is the boring part However, I will try to make this interesting as possible. Now that we have learned 10 vowels, It is time to combine tall vowels and fat vowels. anybody can make this sound? It means cucumber and the second one is? this means fox. and the final one is? what was that? this means ‘Reason’ i will give you guys about three minutes. I want Korean teachers to make up another word.. with basic consonant and basic vowel.. And practice with your partner Here we go

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