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Mixed Media Morsels, Dessert 4 – Hand Lettering

Mixed Media Morsels, Dessert 4 – Hand Lettering

Hi everyone It’s time to do mixed-media morsels dessert number four well, actually it’s past time to do that But I’m gonna get it done today. I know I’m a little behind But I’m gonna go ahead and get this done today and and get it out there for you guys so what I’m gonna do is show you guys some basic a couple of different styles of basic hand lettering and I just wanted to give you a couple of Examples that you might want to use on your art journal pages or scrapbook pages or in your planners or on cards that you may make just to add a touch of your own handwriting because You know things that we want to pass down possibly for instance like art journals excuse me Art journals and scrapbook pages and things like that that we will pass down really should contain some of our own handwriting So I thought it would be fun to Use our handwriting and just play with it a little bit and make it something fun So let me start off by saying that I’m going to be writing on Canson mixed media paper and I’m going to be using a couple of sharpies regular fine point and ultrafine these are your typical ones you can find almost anywhere and This one is a micron, a pigma micron pen and it’s It’s a makes 0.25 millimeter line So let’s get started. I just want to show you guys that this is achievable Even if you don’t like your handwriting you can make it look you know pretty cool So I’m going to move these over and start with the the little sharpie, and I’m just going to write the word create Okay, you can see that there’s not a whole lot special about that. It’s a little bit Wiggly and it’s a little bit a little bit crooked and I mean you know it’s just handwriting and when you’re writing big especially it’s kind of difficult, but What I wanted to show you is a style that’s Probably like a faux calligraphy because it’s not actual calligraphy where you’re using special pens and special inks and And and something that you have to learn to do like to practice writing and learning how to to do it It’s kind of like a cheat basically and It allows you to and all we’re going to do is what I mean is is just to thicken up the letters and In certain places and the trick to knowing how to do this is to knowing what to thicken up and want to leave thin So what you do is you thicken up all of the letters In which you’re making a down stroke so for instance this part of the C here is a down stroke So I’m going to thicken that up just a little and all I’m going to do is draw a little bit of extra in there Okay, and fill it in And it’s at this point too that you can straighten up some of your you know wiggly lines that ended up not being quite so straight and And you know kind of straighten that out The Sharpie might not be the best pen to use for this because it tends to bleed out a little bit Let me try a different one Let’s try a gel pen Try this uniball vision micro, I like this It may not bleed out quite as much See how right here where I kind of paused for a moment the Sharpie left a little a Little bleed out you know section, so let’s write the word again and see if we like this better Yeah, I think I like this better Then we’ll give us a get a little fancy cross on our T there All right now. I know this isn’t quite as dark as this But I think I’ve got the camera down low enough that you can see See what I’m doing, so we’ll go back to the C now the downstroke is gonna be thicker so we’re just gonna Thicken that up just a little bit Yeah, this is not bleeding like the Sharpie did and it could be you know the sharpie. It could be the paper so Alright, now we’re on an Upstroke so we’re gonna leave that thin, but we come back down right here on this little loop, so we’re gonna thicken that up Okay and We go over and then down again here So this went in just a little farther than I wanted it to so I’m gonna kind of straighten that up just a little bit right here and use make use of The thickening stuff to correct my little error there All right, so we’re just thickening the downstroke so now we’re going over and up and down again, so We thicken up the e and you can thicken it on the inside or the outside of your letter Wherever it fits the best for you, and your as you’re riding whoa (giggles) not good! That could have been disastrous! (laughs) all right, I’m gonna go ahead and attach that little tail of that e there to the a now on the a If you were actually writing, handwriting straight out You’d go up and then down again, so it would be kind of like hmmm, which one do I do? I think it’s probably best like in this case I did pick up the pen and come over to make the a, so it is a downstroke so we’re gonna go ahead and And thicken that one And you’re basically when you’re thickening up these you’re basically kind of tapering it on either side This is not quite thick enough You thicken the line, and you kind of taper it off you see how I did there At the bottom of the c and the r and the e, you just kind of taper it off You know don’t leave it like a blunt thick area, just taper it out Okay Alright, and then we’re going We do the a, then here’s another one where we go up and then down and the actual down stroke is on the tail of the a not on the circle part of the a So we will thicken that up right here Alright and now we’re back over it going up again and down, so we’re going down On the T And then we go up and then back down again For the e so we thicken up that down stroke there, okay? Alright so there you have… lemme just fix this a little bit here, alright Alright, so there you have a word that Looks kind of like calligraphy, okay? And you didn’t have to learn and practice and do all those things that you have to do for actual calligraphy But you can make a word or a phrase in your journal look nice and look like it’s you know a calligraphy style You can also go back and add like on the C here. I can go back and add a little loop if I want to make it more Fun and playful or fancy whatever word you want to use for that? You can come over and do it on the end here, too So you can you can doll up anything you know fix it up. You just you just play with it. You know and and get… have the idea that your handwriting is okay. You know like I know this isn’t perfect, but it’s mine okay, and nobody else will have a handwriting a handwritten title or Or a quote or whatever in their book that looks exactly like mine does because it’s mine You know and so you can be proud of the fact that it’s yours, and you can fancy it up and make it fun so anyway That’s the way you do that you don’t you thicken up the downstrokes and leave the upstrokes thin so anywhere your pen is going down Just thicken it up and anything that’s going back and forth like the t You know here we’d just leave that because it’s not going up or down so we just leave it So that’s one one example of a fun little hand writing style, alright? now I saw something in a Current catalog and as some of you may be familiar with Current and they sell cards and gift wrap and also all kinds of little things and I saw a cute little Cute little card and it had some It had a cute little handwriting type thing but only they added color blocks there, and I thought that was really really cute So I’m trying to get the glare off of that, there we go, and I thought I’m gonna try to make that So it did this the other day Actually yesterday, I think and it’s just Water colors, I did all of the colored Blocks here with water colors, and then all I did was doodle inside those colored areas and then I took a you know my black sharpie and finished out the letters, and I splattered some of the watercolor paint and it’s just the cutest thing to me and it’s just fun and Playful and you know I just love that type of stuff you all know that by now probably (giggles) so I’m gonna show you how it did it, and I’m sure there are several different ways of doing it Like I said, this time I did it when I did this I used actual watercolor paints and and I thought today. I might use my inktense pencils Just to you know see if I like that. I haven’t haven’t done it with this before or tried this technique with these so it might be easier with a with a Pencil because you can have probably a little more control. I do like this look though I like the uneven quality of the Water colors I love the painterly kind of look that that gives where the edges are not even and there’s and there’s light and dark You know values in the letters and stuff, so I really like that, but I thought but this might be a cute look, too so I Will just give this try and see what we can come up with Let’s do the word… we’ll do hope. so we’re gonna take the pencil and you’re just going to draw rectangles for the straight part of the letters and let’s see, Do we want to do the same color? maybe we’ll do a different color beside that let’s try let’s do a pink color next to that I Guess it’s pink, what color is this? fuchsia, okay, it’s a dark pink All right now this may end up looking kind of painterly I don’t know because I’m gonna put water on it, so I guess we’ll find out right? So that’s gonna be my H and then there’ll be a line with the marker in the middle for the for the rest of the H, okay, and Then let’s do Let’s do an orange and See we’re only gonna do part of the letter, so we’re gonna do half of it, I’m gonna do this much And then let’s see it’s gonna be about this thick so we’ll Come around and do this It’s part of an O (giggles) Alright, and then let’s use purple. So that’s O, gotta leave room for the rest of your O to be drawn in and So then we’ll start with this part for the P Alright and Let’s go with a a lighter blue color – that says iris blue So let’s see so the rest of the P will be drawn in so leave space when you have extra Areas there to come out and this will be the e And this is all I did with the watercolors too by the way, I just painted out a rectangle you know Kept going with that. alright, so let’s see what happens when we add some water I Might need to add more more color Like I said this may end up being a nice little irregular painterly look. I don’t know There’s a lot of pigment just in those lines, so that’s kind of cool It’s actually you know filling it in the whole way, that’s good I Haven’t used my inktense pencils very much, so Okay Kind of cool if you wanted it more, you know you could you could just draw inside there Or scribble inside there, I mean and then just Wet it out Of course it does leave a little bit of the pencil marks. I’m not real real fond of that look Let’s see if we can take some Color off of the pen, pencil I mean, there we go That will that would be a good way to darken up the color for me There we go Okay Right and now we’ll just go on and do the rest of the letters in the same way All right, so these this part is all dry And I’m gonna fill in the rest of the letters now. This is the crossbar in the h Hmm I didn’t probably didn’t leave quite enough room for a Good o here, but we’re gonna make the best of it This is something that as you do it and you practice it you get better at it I suppose you could as you make each letter go ahead and fill in the the written part And that way you would get your spacing better, but like I said, I haven’t done this very much this is you know one of the first things I did using this technique, so (giggles) I’m just learning as I go So we’ll just do that okay, and then the P is next and then the e All right, but look how cute that is! I just think that is so much fun. Just like that It’s adorable and then if you take you know your your little Posca pens, and and you know decorate and put Little dots and things in It just makes it even that much more playful and fun Let’s see I’ve got some I’ve got my other Posca pens here, too. Let’s see what else I can do I can do some purple dots on the pink here or let’s do lines. Let’s do some little stripes It’s just fun, it’s fun to play Let’s do some… let’s see we’ve got blue next on the e, so let’s do something different, let’s do like a Dark green on the green. Let’s see what can we do here? Maybe little little flowers Did this one kind of halfway so it’s like, halfway on and halfway off We’ll do another one like that here And then we’ll do another full one here See it’s so cute Alright umm let’s see, what to do… Maybe some yellow on the Orange let’s see what do we do, swirlies? And on the last one we can do some red maybe Let’s do some zigzags Put a little dot in the center of these Li’l flowers Now you gotta admit that is fun And it doesn’t have to be perfect and No matter what you do, It’s gonna just be adorable Really really adorably cute, so I am so glad I saw that in that little catalog Okay, let’s see what else oh I know there’s another fun fun one that I like to do and I’m gonna use the Gonna use the sharpie and maybe hope that it won’t bleed We’ll see how it goes, but I’m gonna write out a quote And I’ll show you what I’m gonna do to it Any of you that who have seen The Greatest Showman Movie, you probably saw this quote at the end of the movie. It’s a PT Barnum quote. I’m gonna go ahead and put His name here Okay alright and what I like to do is Color in all of the letters that have a Space to color in and I’m gonna just use my Faber-Castell Pitt pens here. Just to Play around with those a little bit These are just To me, this is so much fun to put a bunch of color Inside letters like this and it’s such a cute way of doing lettering you know in your in your art journals… Anywhere. In your planner pages… I mean, it’s just fun and all you’re doing is filling in the areas that are closed up I’ve done something similar to this before when I made a card and I and I colored in some letters that I had actually it was a stamp that I had used on the card and and it’s just fun! I Think it’s fun. Let’s see And this one here Okay Let’s see you just take your regular print handwriting and you can make it fun and playful Just by coloring in different colors all of the letters that have a closed up space you know closed in space Isn’t that fun? All right, so now get these out of the way There was one other little one that I wanted to show you and I’ll use this pen again, and it’s umm It’s basically Writing in capitals, so I’m gonna do see what word do I want to do. Let’s do Inspire So we’re just gonna write it in cap Okay Then I’m gonna add I’m going to add another line next to each each one of the straight lines And then I’m gonna give them the little serifs on the bottom So we’ll do that to the i and then to this part of the n And we’ll do it again to this part of the n I’m gonna put those little serifs on all of those areas there probably should have done that line on the outside Of that line, but it’s okay Gonna do one here, and I’m gonna go ahead and do one here too, and then we’ll go here Put those on here, I forgot those These aren’t perfect these all have you know their own little Idiosyncrasies, but you know your handwriting is gonna be that way And it’s fun, too Once you do something like this to it, then you don’t see those little things anymore alight so then I’m gonna, in all of those areas, I’m just going to draw a little tiny lines to fill it in Alright So there’s how that one looks And you know I got the the lines a little too close together here, so That’s easily fixed by just you know making it a little further apart But how fun is that? It’s so cute and you know if you wanted to you could also do the round parts of the Letters I mean, I don’t know that there’s any rules to this in my mind. This is all just playing So you could fill in those too, and that makes it even a little more more filled in and more full so most of this stuff is just like doodling in my mind and So once you just allow yourself to sit and play and make lines and shapes you know and flowers and dots You can do.. I mean, the possibilities are just endless you know you can do whatever you want, so I just want to encourage everybody to to just do this – you know play around. In fact, let’s do the word PLAY This is one more of my favorite Lettering styles, so let’s write the word PLAY Okay, and then I like to take and make like a triangular shape on each one of the The letters, so this one actually is going to come out like that Okay So you can make these as thick or as thin as you want it can go all the way down thicken your line Come out just a little bit again Actually that shouldn’t have been done there Just make it thick see there’s a way of fixing everything I mean you know you think oh, no, I’ve messed it up No, you haven’t. Just go back and do it do it to all of them See? it’s just as simple as that (giggles) I’m gonna thicken up this P, this part of the P. Okay and we’ll go in here do the A Let’s see let’s do the bottoms You’re basically just coloring and playing you know Sometimes it’s fun to make those lines come out further there like on the a and on the P It’s kind of cute Okay All right, and then what’s fun is to come in with a Posca pen and put little dots in those triangular areas It’s just fun. you can do it on the straight parts See I mean, there’s no rule to this it’s just all about playing Let’s put one in here since we put one on the other one Yeah All the letters are different sizes. They’re just they don’t make sense but yet They look playful because you take them to another level and you do a little bit more to them so… So I hope seeing this today You know shows you guys that you can do a lot of fun things with Your lettering and it’s not as hard as it looks You know, you’ll see a lot of these things here and there and it looks so technical and detailed but really it’s just playing you know so I hope that you’ll take out your markers and your Pens and things and just play you know if you don’t have Posca pens you can do the same thing with acrylic paint and get yourself a Stylus, it’s got the little balls on the end, different sized balls on the ends and just dip that in some acrylic paint and come over and and dot your Dot your letters and and stuff, so there’s ways to get around that even if you don’t have all of the exact same Supplies. these colored letters here can be done also with acrylic paint You don’t have to use the colored pencils that I used you don’t have to use watercolors You just use your basic acrylic paints and just play and have a good time I’ll be creating a tag, another tag in my little tag book that I’m making with all of these desert morsels I’ll be making one and posting it on my blog very soon, so be sure and check that out If you don’t follow my blog That’s how you get notified Of all the new posts that I put up there so just make sure to go to my blog it’s listed in the description of this video and When you get there check on the right hand side of the page And there’s a box to fill in your email address, and then you click the word Follow And you will get notifications when I do a new blog post so that’ll be coming up very soon, and I look forward to seeing what you guys create with your lettering and And let’s just have fun with it and try something you haven’t done before all right? take care everybody we’ll see you again soon bye, bye

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