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Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 – How To Set Default Font

Hello and welcome today I’m going to show you how to change the default font or default font size for microsoft word
2010 and after we’re done with that we’ll go ahead and take a look at excel as well. There are three ways to do it, you can
hold down Control and press D as in dog you can right-click anywhere near blank
document here and then left click on font or probably the easiest way is just click on this
little box here with the little arrow. So here you can choose whichever font you want, we’ll take Wide Latin make it bold, font-size: You can also change the default
font color. Underline, style, strikethrough, anything you want here and then you
want to click on set as default. And then it’s gonna ask you do you want it just for this document or for all documents based on the normal
template and there’s the option to select Wide Latin, twenty-point bold, font color
accent 6/ click OK and there we go, load it back up It saved it so that’s my new default font. Now excel, you just go to File, Options, and it’s on this General tab here. But, you don’t have as many options as you do
with word you can certainly change the default font and font size but you can’t
change the color or anything else. So that’s all there is
to it. Hope you enjoyed the video, hope it helps, thanks for watching!

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