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Meglio Sellita o ETA scopriamolo in questo video

good morning everyone from maurence monkey
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felt in this last sellita period is valid as much as age? Well let’s see until a few years ago when a
watch cashed a movement eta i enthusiasts said well mount a
simple movement and therefore nothing of which is the clocks that were mounted to age
they were almost mistreated compared to others who manufactured eta
over time it has changed its own policy in the first instance has reduced the
supply to watchmakers after which it has more and more concretely carried forward
this project no longer provide complete movements to other companies but
relegate them only to swatch group companies
this change took about 10 years
what happened as companies they no longer had any supply of movements
to cash in your own watches? have started looking around and even
other companies that could be competitive with age have started
do it there are several companies today they produce good Swiss watches
quality that various watch companies that do not produce a true manufacture
but they are just buying mechanisms looking out but today we’ll talk about that
which is covering the market better than climb that is a company that is not
absolutely born yesterday but it’s a company who was born in 1950
today we often hear saying mounts a climb is a violence would have been
better an age for those who are in this sector for some years, these
statements make you smile slightly I do not want it because if before I age
they were considered little thing today they are considered so much
because there is competition well it seems a little strange to me
situation. Sellita as we said is not a company born yesterday, was born in 1950 and
have been collaborating with age for years for the realization of some
components of age mechanisms those that before they were treated today instead
they are elevated to the level of manufacture things like I said before they do me
smile as he worked sally from simple learned expired diet patents
and put them in a production line in so as to create movements
practically clones but they are not true settlers and one by one ie the wheels of a
climb is not said to mount on a age and vice versa
this because because both age and time climbed over time has improved those
patents calabri climb to go on concrete they are of excellent quality
very often they are even better finished at equal quality gradation of
movement which means gradation of quality of the movement we try to do
a minimum of order eta produces a own caliber in three variants that
standard one processed and the top one is the standard one
economic the one elaborated to some both aesthetic and technical finishes
better like quality better than the spiral of the spring of
mouse charge shouts the tops even more like some tops or gradys then they can
also have the certification that cost what is the certification cost I will do a
special video but not to leave you all unconscious about what it is
cosco certification if not know what a coach is
certification made by an external body which certifies that this movement
therefore it is made individually on each movement and is issued a
certificate linked only to that movement not to all the movements of that line
attests that that movement depending on various thermal stresses of position of
use falls within a range of times lost earned in one
certain band in this way it is attested that that
movement to a chronometer certificate these then we will explain better in a
another video climbed to age difference instead it produces two lines that base is
the one developed theoretically the top line would be missing but actually
climb reserve this top line sorry only at the request of
the purchaser ie if a trademark of watches requires a quality of
higher finish runs it of course we must understand that serious
it is not a company, it is a throat beautiful company that has been on the
market and has always worked by age what can we say at the expense of
climb because something can be said to detriment of the 6
definitely don’t have a time to use as a diet what it means
this over time diet have been slightly
improved because it made an architecture this architecture has come up
so another thing that can be said is that are not original
from this point of view but done this architecture over time it has been discovered that
a certain architecture had a small problem et al has solved now
climb knows that movement has had a certain problem and from the
resolved also knows how he solved it and knows but that resolution is below
patent then not to go on the market with gauges with defects
and therefore of anterior and dated time is went to change the calibers themselves
taking other unpatented changes but of his conception or however with
feasible resolutions implemented these solutions in its calibers then
it’s not like they are calibres from 40 years ago repurposed on the cloned market they are not
of the patents of 30 40 years ago the elaborates and proposed on the market
therefore they are very valid calibers so let’s debunk once
for all this belief that wants that climb produces poor quality gauges
and that they are produced in China that they are produced not in Swiss than not
both sorting and not swiss made like for age it is worth for climb that is 51 for
one hundred of the components must be done in switzerland is all the assembly must
to be done in Switzerland to summarize the legislation also applies to age because
age must do everything in switzerland will do also from something in normal china coast
less are not stupid then only Equal gauges in conclusion better
age or rather climb are at par well
guys even for today this video is gone I recommend it if you liked it
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