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Meghan Markle Puts Her Calligraphy Skills on Display While Doing Arts and Crafts at Nursing Home

Meghan Markle Puts Her Calligraphy Skills on Display While Doing Arts and Crafts at Nursing Home

 Merry Christmas from Meghan Markle!  The Duchess of Sussex added her own sparkle to a Christmas art project during her visit to Brinsworth House, a residential nursing and care home for British entertainers run by the Royal Variety Charity, on Tuesday Residents helped decorate a frame containing a photo of the facility with their own designs, including a contribution from Meghan that showed off her calligraphy skills Get push notifications with news, features and more. Follow Following You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications  She penned in her impressive handwriting, “Merry Christmas, Love, Meghan.”  The royal mom-to-be also added her fancy signature to the visitors’ book  Meghan, 37, worked as a freelance calligrapher and instructor at a Paper Source to support her acting She also taught book-binding and gift-wrapping and has a love of personalized stationery and handwritten notes Meghan once wrote on her former lifestyle blog, The Tig, “The idea of someone taking the time to put pen to paper is really special ”  Her signature previously impressed her husband, Prince Harry, when the couple signed the guestbook of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in July  He wrote his first name with a fountain pen and then remarked, “I never sign big enough ” Next, Meghan swirled her name with the unique skill of a calligrapher, prompting Harry to say, “Yours is much nicer than mine!”  Inside the nursing home on Tuesday, Meghan was given a tour of the facilities and then took part in the festive fun, including listening to Christmas carols  As she left the Brinsworth House, Meghan told the crowd, “Merry Christmas.”  The outing marked Meghan’s last public engagement before the Christmas break She and Harry, 34, will soon head off to Norfolk to join the other royals at Sandringham — but first, the couple will celebrate with Queen Elizabeth and the extended family at an annual lunch party at Buckingham Palace The Queen usually heads up to her rural retreat the following day.

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  • Spice girl 678 says:

    Beautiful Duchess of Sussex!♥️

  • Smitten Marigold says:

    Hello Wallis Simpson!

  • Nurul Ronkainen says:


  • Jeannette E says:

    Just beautiful and classy. Keep smiling

  • Ellen Muleya says:

    Beautiful Duchess Meghan we love you. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Cristina Kurland says:

    This girl is adorable, gorgeous, kind, beautiful inside out and very very intelligent. I wish her idiot father and the half sister and families would see how intelligent and amazing she is. She has a lot of offer for the better in this world.

  • Cristina Kurland says:

    Meghan has millions of followers around the world. Please watch Meghan's interviewed at Create Cultivate Atlanta 2016. To me she's a gem and very interesting intelligent girl who has plenty of visions not just for herself but for the world. Harry is a very lucky man to have found these precious girl.

  • Cristina Kurland says:

    She’s a very talented and gifted daughter. I wish all her families would realize how much she can contribute to change the world with her hubby Harry. Wish the families will not ruin what she can share for the future. Wish the families will take a moments to ask themselves if they really care and love Meghan. As I see the families only interested in getting monetary from Meghan. That’s the bottom line. Their purpose is to ruin her give money. They’re bullies and their ways are to shame her.

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