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Mega Truck Alphabet Part 2 | Learn ABCs with Monster Trucks & More for Kids

Mega Truck Alphabet Part 2 | Learn ABCs with Monster Trucks & More for Kids

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV It’s time for MEGA, TRUCK, ALPHABET! Hey Brainiacs! Are you ready for some more action-packed mega truck fun!? Alright, today we’re taking a trip to the beach and we’re going to learn about the letter B! This is a capital B. And this is a lower case b. The letter “b” sounds like b, b. Hey, check out that monster truck! He’s doing tricks on the beach! Can you find the letter b on this truck? The monster truck was doing donuts on the beach. And the word beach, starts with the letter ‘b.’ The b truck loves driving on the beach! Hey, it’s Bob the bumble bee. Hi Bob! Did you find a nice flower there? The words bumble and bee both start with the letter b. And Bob is a name so it needs a capital B! Do you know what sound a bee makes? It’s buzz! And guess what letter the word buzz starts with. That’s right, buzz starts with the letter ‘b’! Look out Bob, here comes a big bus! Woah, that was a close one! Bob should really look both ways before crossing the street! Hey, the word ‘bus’ also starts with the letter ‘b’. Oh no! Someone put a box of beach balls on the road! There sure are lots of B things here! We have a b, b, bus; b, b, ball; and a b, b, box! Look out! Coming through! So what did we learn today? We learned that beach starts with the letter ‘b’. The words buzz and bee start with a ‘b’ too. Bob is a name, so it starts with a capital ‘B’. And some other ‘b’ words are bus, ball and box! Great work Brainiacs! [kids cheer] I hope you had fun learning about the letter ‘b’! Hey parents: If you’ve been enjoying our videos, I hope you’ll subscribe to our channel. I’d love to have you sign up for our Newsletter so you can get instant notifications of our new videos and exclusive discounts on our online store. Or click here to check out more of our fun videos for kids. Thanks for watching, and see you next time.

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