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Meet All the Nemies from A to Z l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

/ă/ /ă/ apple /ă/ /ă/ apple /b/ /b/ bear /b/ /b/ bear /c/ /c/ cactus /c/ /c/ cactus /d/ /d/ dog /ĕ/ /ĕ/ elephant /ĕ/ /ĕ/ elephant /f/ /f/ fish /f/ /f/ fish /g/ /g/ goose /g/ /g/ goose /h/ /h/ hair /h/ /h/ hair /ĭ/ /ĭ/ iguana /ĭ/ /ĭ/ iguana /j/ /j/ juice /j/ /j/ juice /k/ /k/ kangaroo /k/ /k/ kangaroo /l/ /l/ lamp /l/ /l/ lamp /m/ /m/ monster /m/ /m/ monster /n/ /n/ night /n/ /n/ night /o/ /o/ octopus /o/ /o/ octopus /p/ /p/ pencil /p/ /p/ pencil /kw/ /kw/ queen /kw/ /kw/ queen /r/ /r/ rose /r/ /r/ rose /s/ /s/ sun /s/ /s/ sun /t/ /t/ turtle /t/ /t/ turtle /ŭ/ /ŭ/ umbrella /ŭ/ /ŭ/ umbrella /v/ /v/ violin /v/ /v/ violin /w/ /w/ wind /w/ /w/ wind x x x-ray x x x-ray /y/ /y/ yo-yo /y/ /y/ yo-yo /z/ /z/ zipper /z/ /z/ zipper

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