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Maymay Mail Art – Creating Co-ordinating Ink Blended Envelopes

hi welcome to Hedgehog Hollow I’m back
with maymay made it for some more a male art this month I’m going to be creating
an enveloped coordinate with that beautiful Nativity card we made last
time so let’s get started so the card that we made the other day with the
nativity scene on I actually have already given away to someone so I’m
going to just do the mayor envelope that will coordinate and I’ve
hopped some pictures of that card in a blog post so you haven’t already seen it
and link up the video it’ll be in the top right hand corner now you can just
click on it to hop on over if you want to I will make sure it’s linked up at
the end for you as well but I just have for this one just a regular card
envelope so this is the for a quarter by five and a half size I have a piece of
the inkadinkado masking paper that I have cut down and no particular
measurements I just cut it down to roughly a dress size I’m gonna mark that
area out because that’s where I’m going to end up writing my address later on
whenever I do send this out and I’m going to be practicing my hand lettering
now that I’ve got my art snacks box my lettering snacks again I’ll link that up
for you so you can see that I did an unboxing now when I press down masking
paper I grab I have wallpaper roller you may have seen it in previous videos and
I just go over the edges because I want to make sure they’re really well stuck
but this paper is pretty good and you can die-cut it you can do all sorts of
great things with it but that just seems to work really well so I have the same
colors that I use on the card so I have the picked raspberry the seeders
preserves the black suit and the faded jeans and I’m going to do a similar
technique so I’m going to start with the picked raspberry and I have my range at
all with my little foamy on here as well and I’m working on a ranger craft mat
too so I’m gonna pick up some ink I’m gonna just dab off on the side I perteet
he like to dab off the edges because I don’t like them to be too solid I can
start on that masking paper and then I can just start blending out a little bit so I’m going to start with adding some
of that pink in we’re gonna add lots of colors in and the only thing I would say
is that this particular envelope that I’m using this is just a regular Carl
envelope that I buy these are not all that glossy there are some more glossy
ones out there I believe the genic a ones for a little bit more glossy and I’m just gonna start adding that pink
color then I’m gonna move to the seedless preserves again I’m just gonna
dab off on the edge and then I’m going to see kind of leave about quarter of an
inch and start blending you can also pick up some of that ink
that’s still there the other thing I’m trying to do is not get any ink on the
reverse of the envelope so every time I turn I’m moving it away from that harsh
edge and then you can either turn it over when you start a new color or just
give it a wipe off and start again I have lots of these because I cut them
down to the same size as my stamp platform and my Misti and all those
kinds of things so again I’m gonna really get some of that ink off on here
and then go on to the envelope and I’m blending out some of those marks and
things we can also add some water but when you go back in with ink it does
reactivate and get rid of some of those lines too by putting your fingers on the
piece in the middle you’re not gonna get any fingerprints either then I’m going
to go with the black soot I may not use the faded jeans we’ll see how it goes
and I’m going to be really light so I’m going to pick up some of that black sir
I’m gonna get rid of lots of it onto my sheet and I’m really only going to touch
those edges and blend in some of those corners so again really light and it won’t much
of that blacks it one thing I would say is whatever
envelope you use try to make it a thick good quality paper that you’re using or
make your own out of a sheet of crystal smooth or watercolor paper depending on
what you’re using I’m just going to turn my sheet over so that it’s clean and I’m
going to go back to the picked raspberry so I’m going to start again in the
middle so I’m gonna start here get rid of some of that really intense color and
then go back around those edges and then back to the seedless preserves again I think you can also start
blending on that masking paper so you can see when your tall is at a good
point to go again and I’m just blending out some of the black we’re blending out
any marks that I might have we are going to add other things which will kind of
take some of that down as well now if you also asked me about postage with
this kind of technique I don’t have any issue because I’ve left this mass but in
the middle so it’s still machine readable some cards you may need to add
the extra ounce stamp on four if I do anything that’s all over and then put
the address onto it then I add that extra stamp for the non machine readable
as well so I’m going to leave that there and then I’m going to take my distress
sprayer so again I’m going to just kind of find my bearings as to where it is
and I’m gonna be quite light because it is an envelope it’s not designed to take
a huge amount and then I’m gonna dry this with my Ranger heat tool so once
all of that is dry we go in and add our stars exactly as we stood on the card
that matches so I have my pH Martin pan white which I find is really great for
this stage and I have my old paintbrush here I stick in so this is the kind of
messy process that sometimes can spread so I’m just giving it a tap and
depending where you tap it on the brush kind of depends on how heavy they are
also of course depends how much ink you have on there but you can I tend to go
light and then add more if I need to but between this and the water I find that
gives you a really lovely effect on your cars now the next thing you only want to
do is make sure that this is completely dry before you go on to the next stage
so I completely dried this using that same Ranger heat it
and now I’m gonna put it into my Misti so we can do our stamping I’m gonna put
a little bit further up for now we’ll see how that goes
I’m using the Merry Christmas from the same stomachs that we used on the cards
which is from let’s celebrate the season and it has some great verses and things
there’s stars and that in there as well lots of different things in there I’ve
got my misty corner here I’m just going to make sure my sentiment is somewhat
straight I always put the wire any tails over the top and it’s grabbing my Teflon
bone folder because that’s really great holding a stamp in place and now I’m
going to stamp this out using the range of super fine white embossing powder and
if you have the longer envelope to match the card that we made previously and
when I did mine I just made one using my envelope punch then you could maybe put
a verse on it you might be able to fit the Nativity on it that would be really
lovely or you could even do that same dome at the bottom that we use
previously I’m going to be quite heavy with my powder at all just in case
there’s any wet ink or anything left that I may have forgotten and I’m going
to double stamp with the Versamark just to make sure we get everything in there and this is a tiny tray if you haven’t
seen me use these before I think that they’re great for glitter and sequins
and embossing powder and all sorts of things and I’m gonna heat this using my
embossing heat tool and I use the vac no heat tool and then
the best fit is when we get to peel this off so then we have that fantastic area
there that we get to write our address into and I just got these new tombow
calligraphy pens one is lighter one is darker let’s use this little masking
paper on there so we have one that’s a little bit more firm I would think that
this is the firm and then we have this is definitely the firm so that was the
thicker this is the thinner so this is much more firm than that one and the
idea is particularly with this one it’s really easy to get those thick down and
the thin ups so you put more pressure in your down than you do on your up so now
that we can write on our address so I have both pens here and I have my
address pre written out and if you would like to be part of our mail arch you can
hop on over to our Facebook page Hedgehog holo ink i NK on Facebook and
we have a post there that you can add your name and address into so I’m going
to start out with my two and this is the softer one as we found
out and then I’m going to use the thinner one for the rest of my address
so just working my way through this is just my regular handwriting this is not
special lettering or anything like that these are really lovely to write with so
I will be popping a card in here necessarily a Christmas card to Shelley
and but I we popping a card in the mail to her so do check out all of our linked
posts that we popped on there for you and we got the pictures there off the
envelope and of course a picture of the back which has our lovely address labels
I’ll pop those in the blog post as well or I got those from so thank you so much
for joining me here today with Mae Mae made it do check out our other posts and
I’ll see you again later in the month click that subscribe button if you don’t
already and we would love a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video
happy stamping bye

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