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Martin Luther Handwriting Font Project on Kickstarter (Long Version)

Hi my name is Harald Geisler and I am a typographer. In my recent projects I successfully created digital typefaces of Albert Einstein’s and Sigmund Freud’s handwriting. The projects were supported by thousands of backers on Kickstarter.
Thank you for that! In my new project I would like to go even further back in history
And therefore I need your support. 500 years ago Martin Luther published the ninety five thesis. The discussion around this document lead to the reformation movement which inspired deep and lasting social, cultural and political changes, and to the foundation of Protestantism. First I learn the basic characteristics of how a writer moves. Then I look for typical letterforms for example this M here. And in a next step I reproduce the specific movement path of a letter along the overall rules. After the movement path is created I add width and contrast to the letters
relating to the tools that were used at the time. As you can see the letterforms are strictly based on original samples. The digital drawing is then arranged into a font file. I have already created a working prototype of the Martin Luther font which holds 16 letters You can download it right now to try it on your computer
Or test drive it on you iPhone or iPad. You will find the link in the description of the Kickstarter project. For this meticulous project I do need your financial support. At the same time I like this to be a project that is accessible to everyone at a low price. Support this project with 10€ or more
and you will receive the final font to use on your computer
and smartphone. If you pledge 50€ or more you will further receive an art book documenting in detailed images the creation of the font, work sketches as well as original sized reproductions of the letter with transcript and translation. incl. Worldwide shipping from Germany! Other rewards also include the previously created handwriting fonts of
Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein. In 1521 Luther was ordered to defend the 95 thesis which in itself could be seen as a sentence to death. He defended himself
but only because of his political supporters was able to leave the situation alive. The letter you are seeing here was written shortly after the trial The letter you’re seeing here was written shortly after the trial
by Martin Luther to emperor Carl the V. The letter you’re seeing here was written shortly after the trial
by Martin Luther to emperor Carl the V.
summarising his speech of defense. This letter I will use to create a font based on Martin Luther’s handwriting. This project on Kickstarter is not only about the completion of the font or an excursion to the content of this remarkable letter. I will also introduce you to reading and writing practiced 500 years ago. For example the lowercase “h” we write today with a loop at the top… …and it used to be writen with a loop… …at the bottom. I came across a speech that Martin Luther King gave
on his visit to east Berlin in 1964. He introduces himself referencing that his name is familiar to the world and that he is happy that his parents named him after the reformer
who lived half a millennia before him. This made me think about the relationship a person has to a historic figure if one is named after them? Is it an inspiring or a challenging relationship? With the handwriting fonts I am asking a similar question: What does it mean
when one writes with the hand of Sigmund Freud,
Einstein or Luther? I hope that it Is an empowering, playful and inspiring relationship. With this project I like to find out more about this question? The Kickstarter campaign is about creating a font based on Martin Luther’s handwriting if this project goes well I will continue with a second Kickstarter in 2018 to create a font based on Martin Luther King jrs handwriting. The more funding the project gets the better the final font for all Backers will be. So please spread the word among your friends to make the Martin Luther font an excellent typeface.

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