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Making Accessible Font Choices

Making Accessible Font Choices

[optimistic instrumental intro music] [music fades] Whenever you type content,
the font choices you make can determine how easy it is for someone to read what you’ve typed. I’ve typed a lecture in Microsoft Word that I’ll be posting online for my students to read. But there’s a few font considerations that
I’ll need to make before uploading it; and later,
we’ll also take a look at how to make font adjustments in Blackboard. Right now, you might be wondering:
“What are fonts?” Simply put, they’re those different styles of typed text that you’ve seen all around. There’s lots of them, but some fonts are more suited for readability than others. For print media, Times New Roman
is widely accepted. However, for online content like my lecture, I’ll consider using Verdana, Tahoma,
Trebuchet MS, and Georgia. They were developed specifically
for digital content. It might be easier to simply think about whether or not the font style you’ve chosen
is easy to read. I typed my lecture using Vrinda which looks a little inconsistent because it doesn’t have very good spacing between the characters and maybe a little too much spacing
between the words. So I’m going to change the font style
by pressing Ctrl+A to select all of the text and then selecting the new font style. I’ll go with Trebuchet MS. While my text is still selected,
I’m going to check on the font size. A good rule of thumb
is to use a size between 12 and 18 point.
I think I’ll make my content 12 point. Hmm…maybe just a little larger. Before I post this document, I’ll also make sure I’ve avoided capitalizing
large amounts of text. When many words are capitalized altogether, the text is often difficult to read, and when used online, this is sometimes viewed as the equivalent of yelling. OK, the font style and size in this document
are looking pretty good. In Blackboard, the toolbar
above the content editor makes it easy for me to make similar font style and font size changes to my content. Taking a few minutes to make sure you’ve used accessible font choices helps ensure that
your content is readable.

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