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Making a Font Weight in Fontlab (Part 9b)

Making a Font Weight in Fontlab (Part 9b)

Hi, in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to
change the weight of a font in fontlab using the Bold Effect To start off with I have my regular font open
in fontlab Then highlighting all my glyphs with ctrl
a I go to tools>actions With the actions window open I go to effects
>bold change weight Here in this effect I can either make my glyphs
bolder or thinner. As you can see the tool retains the vertical
heights as a font should when it changes weights However when I apply it a few of my glyphs they still need editing. As fontlab itself says the tool is not a replacement
for creating weights. However in this case it provides a very quick
way of beginning a new font weight. Now I can edit my glyphs which didn’t transform
as well For example starting with the r we can see
that the shape has become seperated. I can edit this with my select tool I have the same problem with my u so I wil
edit this too. Another thing to note is that since I’m using
an existing font all my ligatures and kerning stay the same, so i don’t have to edit this After editing my glyphs I can save my thin
font I can do this by first going to font info Here I can input the information for my thin
font including it’s family name Then to export I go to file export as

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  • Ric says:

    Very cool and inspiring tutorial. I also want make a font. In fontlab there is a option you can make different font weights automatically (between thin to black). have you see this feature?

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