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today I’m bringing to you the awesome
updates for my favorite font creation software font self so firstly I’m going
to briefly go back over as to exactly what font self is and then later in the
video show you some needs and handy updates that have been brought into the
New Year by phone self so like I said fonts app is an affordable way to design
your very own fonts directly from Illustrator or Photoshop and I
personally bought the illustrator version last year now it’s enter into
font self all you need to do is come up to window extensions and it should be
here after you’ve purchased and installed it so here is my scripts
tutorial font that you might recognize and just the heads of I am by no means a
professional font designer this was one of my first ever font creations and I
actually aim to keep learning skills going into 2019 before a script font I
don’t fit is too bad and again if you wish to learn how to use font self
step-by-step check out the video linked in the top right corner after watching
this one because it is a very easy program to use and you can work directly
from Illustrator so for my script fonts I started off by using the Wacom to draw
out script letters as vectors in a doobie illustrator once I draw a letter
of choice I found it very useful to use the smooth tool because that works
really well for this kind of hunt script fonts are not so precise as say San
serif or serif fonts so you can be more freehand so to speak I also have found
that the Pathfinder tool with essential this creation process as well as using
the direct selection tool to maneuver anchor points around but again you can
check out the previous video on font self and the in-depth look into the
software and how I usually use there we’re now going to move on to the
updates that are really really neat and useful in 2019 so the main feature that
font self I’ve created this year is catapults this is an area of their
program that is going to allow you to integrate your fonts and social media
your websites and much much more and it’s going to do that in a way that
viewers can interact with it in real time so this is where I can upload my fonts
the catapults and I’ve already done that once before as you can see but I’m gonna
go ahead and update a catapult opens you up to many possibilities with your funds
and we’re going to look at those now so firstly it offers you some placeholder
text as a preview and you can scroll down to view every single character of
your font in depth here you can adjust the size of the view and also the
background color is need to experiment with these different color choices and
size also you can change the placeholder text and you’re actually gonna find that
the creators of fonts elf have got a sense of humor as you read through the
placeholder text I will soon show you how to integrate your font in an
interactive way but first you can upload your phone to the mobile app which is
free by the way on iOS as you probably can guess it’s just in a matter of
scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera this is going to sync your font
from catapult onto your mobile app and once it has been synced you can then
share it as you so wish for many different ways but for now though this
links to a simple web page or the App Store but in the future you’re going to
be able to actually share the OTF font file at a download and also get a user
profile more so there’s still more updates to come in 2019 so still in the
fonts elf mobile app you can type in your own text using the font that you’ve
just synced or you can choose any of the fonts uploaded to the app you have the
option to alter the size the color and also the alignment of your texts
now everything runs pretty smoothly and it’s actually quite a lot of fun to
upload your own fonts and then play around with them on the app not to
mention that it’s rewarding as well you also have the ability to edit the
background color however the really neat thing here is that you can upload an
image from your phone it’s use as a background so for example I actually
have an image of myself right here and I think a white text overlay will
look pretty neat the really cool new thing though is that back in catapult
you can grab the code for your font here and then embed it all over the Internet
in an interactive manner so for example I can post it on a portfolio website I
do have a portfolio website linked down below which you can check all of my work
and so forth I’ve already gone ahead and integrated the font soft code onto my
about page and as you can see it reads time to get back to work but any user or
viewer that comes across my website can now actually play around with the font
in real time which I feel is super neat and hats off to font self for this
intuition I really do dig it the font self logo in
the top right corner will take you to the website too but also you can use the
same code for a Behance project and another heads up I haven’t used behance
in quite a few years because I have my own portfolio website and I haven’t even
had the time to be honest but I do feel it’s an excellent platform for designers
so it was a good idea to be using it if I was making a project my font creation
as an example I can go ahead and embed the code like so and like before my
website my varium font will actually appear in the project itself and
allowing the users of the hands to interact with my font in real time this
is really really cool I think but what do you think about this function and the
updates for 2019 and fonts off too and again if you want to learn more about
fonts off as a means to design your own fonts check out the video linked in the
top right of the screen so again guys checking the links in description box
below to learn more about font self and also to start creating your very own
fonts today and also the new updates you can also share them across the internet
on social media in every single way that we’ve seen in today’s video let me know
what you think about fun stuff down below and of course have a great day and
it’s the next time design your future today peace

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