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Majesty for the realm Tutorial video in Arabic with English Sub – فيديو تعليمي للعبة ماجستي

Hi everyone this’s Yaqoob Alsharrah, the owner of Board Games Dojo Channel and today we have a new video tutorial for a game designed by Marc Andre the designer if Splendor, which won several awards and is loved by many reviewers our game today is Majesty: For The Realm for 2-4 player, and it plays in approximately 40 mins the story here is that every player manages a part of the kingdom with the help of its citizens be it a craftsman or a noble to achieve the best way of life for this part which will make its governor the next king now we start with the setup 1st thing, each player receives a set of similar location cards and ascendancy arrange it in front of himher the location are set to start from left to right and are numbered numerically with a letter A on one side and a B on the other side to offer different variant it’s recommended to start with A side but later you can randomize the cards to give you different settings then we take a number of player board cards equal to the number of players and make sure that one of them has the knight on it if playing with two players, i’ll take 2 cards and randomly distribute them the player who gets the card with the knight is the starting player

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