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[LYRICS] Jack Stauber – There’s Something Happening

[LYRICS] Jack Stauber – There’s Something Happening

There’s something happening (uh-huh) There’s something happening too Isn’t it fair? No! I don’t know if it ever will be Scratch that, I’m ready Close up! Wow (ha ha) I look so beautiful Close up! Oh (ha ha) What do we beautiful do? (Me?) So you (oh) can enjoy it too Ooh ah ay ah oh ah Suckle on the body, suckin’ on the medicine Slip into a sore and cut my common sense Oh haven’t you noticed, I’m high like a star? You know where I are! Level level up hey, level level up, level level up (ah ah!) Look at all the beautiful hair you got Oh these? Yes those

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  • broke bb says:

    Okay, everything should be in working order. If the lyrics aren’t coming up, try manually selecting closed captions.
    I know nobody asked, but I’m 99% sure that this video is about Jack and the conflicting feelings he has about going viral and becoming (at least a little bit) famous.
    Anyways, if you wanna see me decipher more of Jack’s videos let me know! Also please like/subscribe because I need to pay for college sdlkjflsk <3

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