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LOONA knows every song on Earth! | 이달의 소녀 | This or That

LOONA knows every song on Earth! | 이달의 소녀 | This or That

Hello, we are LOONA. GAME RULES
After listening carefully to the lyrics of the song for each round, guess which language it’s in by choosing either A or B. Members will receive a hello82 sticker every time they guess the correct answer. Whoever has the most stickers at the end will be today’s winner! GUESS THE SONG’S LANGUAGE
Spanish / Portuguese “Move to the side you think is right.
Time Limit: 10 SECONDS” Whoa, this is tough. Isn’t it too crowded over here? Hang on! It’s this one, it has to be. It has almost a nasally sound. Oh wait, we only have four people. There weren’t that many lyrics. All we heard was “Yeah”. I mean, this song just feels like it’s in Spanish. You know how each country has a unique feel to their music? Heejin, you still have a lot to learn. Even a single genre can have a wide range. So the answer is…? What is it? I feel like we got it right. Answer: PORTUGUESE Ugh, I shouldn’t have followed you! Artist: IZA
Title: Brisa (Breeze)
Language: Portuguese Oh, we copied the dance. We did it. GUESS THE SONG’S LANGUAGE
Spanish / French I think I’ll just stay here. Um, get back over there. I think it’s this one. (Spanish) I’m staying. It’s here. It’s here. When will Spanish come out? Shouldn’t it be out just about now? Wait, hold on. All the youngest members are over here. What are you talking about? Why is she a part of this? Hey, I’m the second youngest here. Stay over there~ I actually know this song. What if you’re wrong? I’ve been to France once. Wait, hang on. She’s making me uneasy. It’s French. No, it’s not. The choices were Spanish or Portuguese. She’s never been there. (France) It’s French or Spanish. Ah… French or Spanish! I guarantee it’s French. I picked Spanish though. Answer: FRENCH Wow, I can’t catch a break today. What do I do? I’m so unlucky today. It’s fine. There are plenty of questions left. To be honest, I came to this side thinking it was Spanish. Artist: Bilal Hassani
Title: Jaloux (Jealous)
Language: French Oh, this song is totally my style. You really know this song, Hyunjin? Yup. you can clearly tell it’s French. This is a good song. GUESS THE SONG’S LANGUAGE
Lao / Thai Whoa, this is intense. It’s here. Right here. Why are you looking at me like that? I’m not from Thailand. This is insane. Why does it sound like Chinese to me? Ugh, I really have no idea. You stay there. Hey! Jeon Heejin! It’s clearly Thai. I’ve been to Thailand before and at a red-colored restaurant I heard a song that sounded like this one. I’ve listened to Thai songs and I’d say this is pretty similar. Plus, the lyrics had “Sawadee krap” (“Hello”) in them. Really? Just kidding. No, the song had a Laos vibe. Yeah, I could sense Laos on this side. Exactly! I thought I was in Laos for a second. Same here. Really, you too? Yeah, it felt warm. Really warm. We’re in Laos. Ah, how nice. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go! Answer: THAI I was scared I got it wrong. I’m on a roll today. Thank you! Artist: WanYai
Title: เจ็บจนพอ (Enough)
Language: Thai This song is so good. I used to listen to it a lot. All together now. GUESS THE SONG’S LANGUAGE
Turkish / Arabic Wow, it has to be this one. I know about Turkey. I’ve had Turkish ice cream. It’s really this side. Yeah, you’re right. It has to be. Move to the side you think is right.
Time Limit: 10 SECONDS It’s definitely this side. If you don’t come here, you’ll regret it. I don’t wanna go since the youngsters all over there . I’m serious. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is your last chance. I chose to stay here because I’ve had Turkish ice cream before. This side’s for Turkish. For Turkish, you should be here. Oh woops, sorry. Well the song kind of had a Turkish feel. Right, exactly. I used to do belly dancing when I was younger and I feel like I danced to this song before. Dude, I’ve freestyled to this song. I even tried popping. Hang on, are you sure? Not really. I’m sure of it. It’s here, for sure. Answer: TURKISH I told you I took lessons. Artist: Tarkan
Title: simarik (Kiss Kiss)
Language: Turkish This song is for belly dancing? Then let’s belly dance. Whoa, this is way too hard. Why are you doing this to us? GUESS THE SONG’S LANGUAGE
Polish / Swedish It’s this side. I’m 100% sure this time. I believe you this time. By the way, this is the first time I’ve moved for a while. I wanna go over there, but why are they all over there? I don’t wanna go because of them. Yeah, I don’t wanna be on their side. Move to the side you think is right.
Time Limit: 10 SECONDS But this is the right one. Why are we all crowded like this? I’m a little nervous since they’re all here. Is Vivi all by herself? What’ll you do now? What’ll you do? You got this, Vivi! I think if this song is in Polish the pronunciation would have a little more of the rrrr sound. Pol-rrrand. But it’s more like ss-ss. Ss-wed-en. A little hard almost. You know what I mean? Yeah. Instead of sounding smooth, it was sharp and piercing. Yeah, I agree. Well I chose Polish because if I went over there we’d all end up winning or losing together, so there’d be no difference. That’s why I chose to stay here to widen the gap. Thanks because now we won. We won. Haha, but it’d be hilarious if it was actually Polish. Poland. Sweden. Answer: SWEDISH I made a phone keypad. What should I do? I should’ve worn a bigger shirt for this. Artist: Kaliffa
Title: Helt seriöst (Seriously)
Language: Swedish This is our last question? This is the last one? GUESS THE SONG’S LANGUAGE
Romanian / Russian I’ve got this. This is so easy. I had Russian classmates when I was in elementary school. Really? Let’s stick together. But they all spoke Korean. What? I know this song. No, that’s just the Korean remake. Wait, so this side’s for Russian and over there’s for Romanian? Yves, trust me this time. I’m serious. Aaah! What should I do? No, let’s not stop people from leaving. I really like this song. I listen to it even when I’m in the car. Come on… Quit lying. I’m serious. I listened to it with Olivia Hye. You listened to it? Well yeah, but of course it was the Korean version. Did you recognize any of the lyrics? You all fell for their trap. Unnie, are you in first place? Yup. If she wins this round, she’s the winner. Wow, I’ve gotta win this. This is making me so tense. CURRENT TOP 3 Answer: ROMANIAN Aaaah, I was so close! What are you gonna do now? You can’t use your keypad anymore! I’m gonna use it anyway! Artist: O-Zone
Title: Dragostea Din Tei (Words of Love)
Language: Romanian I have to dance when there’s music. We had a lot of fun today, right everyone? Yeah! I think it’s been a while since I’ve come in 1st place. Wow, I’m tearing up. I honestly think this is the first time I’ve ever received 1st place in a game. In all seriousness, I think we were able to guess correctly because all of them were such good songs and had the feel of each country in them. Thank you for this. Instead of speaking and hearing the languages we already know, it was exciting to hear different languages that we’re not familiar with. And to hear some of the songs we knew were originally different languages was great! Yes, familiar. It was fun. It was so much fun. This was LOONA, everyone.

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