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Like, DM, Unfollow: Arab Fashionistas Pt 2 [Arabic Subtitles]

Like, DM, Unfollow: Arab Fashionistas Pt 2 [Arabic Subtitles]

there’s a lot this is this is a it’s called baking you know about that know what’s baking you are putting all this foundation on your face and like when you’re doing the contours in the highlight and the shadow and you let it sit on your face so long for like half an hour and then one and hour and then you blend and then you have yep like diamo follow we’re going to be looking at Eric fashionistas yes as I go all right she’s giving you something here still all all ‘dom all do I’m thinking de kat I kind of reminiscent what I’m doing right now so she’s a 30 year old lady YouTube star blogger and social influencer TV and blogging about fashion and makeup in 2012 I’ve been in 2013 she began her YouTube channel and she has over three hundred and ninety thousand subscribers the most great she loves ya she’s got the content I’m a stuff under eye brightening down Wow 1.9 million followers I think I can say oh here’s like something she recommends Smashbox a swirl of Smashbox oh that’s how I get that can i oh this is the one this is the one that I like details Devils in the details nude what’s up stop Thomas Thomas hummus I like any picture that’s clearly posed but tries to look casual like oh I’m just casually holding you know this is how you hold it then just when you’re doing makeup and choosing what all those are fingers I thought as I coul finger and you know there’s a Wolverine happening nope those are dress those are makeup mm makeup tools boldness music wash no dude I’m telling you this girl knows how to do make it what’s she doing here so wait who takes this shot like oh I like this one too did you like oh I would like her for sure like I like her yeah I would probably DM her and say but what do you do when allergy season hits and your eyeliner starts running down your face guys are intense though Phoebe I love dual Mo’s most a laboum Olsen so she’s a crazy social-media influencer sweetie she started out Instagram before rising to fame on snapchat her post really stand out for her humorous remarks but she had the beauty product reviews she’s a dolphin she’s a dog she says I’m a dolphin habitat how bizarre this is pretty I’m sorry she won’t like an egg no shoes like it’s a reliant as a lamb that’s like it’s gold it’s like a trash new colors of lenses Bella Anglo group my idea available in all stores follow the right holiday what holiday is she talking about well she always puts a dolphin is that our like thing dolphins again some way I don’t understand this I’m not enthralled by their it yeah I’m not as into her no but we learn is pretty Sophie would you like yeah Lauren follow I wouldn’t unfollow I’m cornerman but I would also unfollow yeah I don’t know yeah Jana all dwarvish alright rocking the red I liked her immediately she seems very political she looks very casual at her morning coffee looked like a caught her off-guard she’s gorgeous yeah she’s walk in the nudes she is Gregor no Dina is a Kuwaiti Iraqi fashion blogger and model she has over 1.5 followers on Instagram Oh dissen texture yes oh my god the sunglasses they’re all these glasses yes Mike great all business oh no she’s serving some fierce game yes it’s like she was like thinner red face her black face oh wow I know right Malakai patriotic II I really had a good idea what she wants her Instagram to be and they are right she definitely has like theme if you do like if you just look at like the colors in each of the picture she definitely guys feel like like fashion stories oh and a close-up on the detail I love a peasant sleeve this is fun she’s such got such cool hair so you think you would like DNR I’m like I would DM because I really think her spell and I would want to sit and have tea with her I like her this is my favorite I would DM her market um I would give her suggestions for her next color because she hasn’t done yellow yeah oh she look good get some sweet yellow right you look good in hello she is like a goddess looks like a goddess Fatima Tina baby she’s gorgeous the team is a peach so she’s a queenie model in fashion blogger she did however study at Miami University oh oh oh hey I like this I like a straight across bang yeah look at those eyes that’s a hot dress though I burned that dress out she’s got very broad eyebrows meaning to go very far across her face I like you know what I mean hey nice I like thick eyebrows yep done yeah yeah I like this jacket nice job it’s not real further I’m bored I think she’s super pretty good board I would agree to yeah I like how I just wanted the description to be this is a purse you think you like I like her I would just like I wouldn’t DM I Madea I would like I probably unfollow her I’m sorry Fatima Wow then that looks like a Revlon Hana Fuda Katan she’s a 32 year old American Iraqi Instagram personality so rabat is called beauty I’ve became the number one blog in the Middle East and became a top 20 people are applied blogger and businesswoman she’s getting it done whoa wait she put a waffle on her face what is that what is this I want a bottom orange lip and I want to give half of my top lip oh it is Sunday it’s a Sun [Music] that’s beautiful see if I just saw the end result I’d be like that looks cool but seeing the process I think is interesting because it’s like wow it’s work what is this what that’s how you die she definitely has like instead of her being a model this is a Instagram for a beauty waiting you’d like the Apollo you know I’m gonna say light because I don’t know how to do most of the things that she’s doing so I’m sure oh I would love this girl do why do you have your phone number there can we call Roz she’s like an Instagram Betty I love the blue hair really like the blue this is like the signature pose yeah where you put a hand in my face and but I’ll see other things like that sweet friendship refreshes the soul oh my gosh with the skirts like

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