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“Life in Dubai” by Arabic Mike – EF Guest Vlog

“Life in Dubai” by Arabic Mike  – EF Guest Vlog

Hi. I’m Mike from the U.K.
I have my own channel where I focus on Arabic language and travel in the Middle East.
Today, I’m guest vlogging here on the EF channel. Today I’ll be talking about life in Dubai and why you might like to choose
Dubai as a city to study in. I’m from the U.K., but I’ve lived all over
the world, most recently in Dubai, a world famous city in the United Arab Emirates. I think Dubai is a great place to live,
so let’s go ahead and talk about why. Dubai is home to the tallest building
in the world called the Burj Khalifa. You can climb it. You can buy a
ticket and go up and look inside. I tell you, when you get up to the top,
you won’t believe your eyes. The view form up there is simply incredible. It’s a really fantastic place to visit and that’s
just one of the many things to see in Dubai. You can also visit the Al Fahidi Historical District
if you fancy something a bit more cultural. This is a place where you can go and
dress in the local Emirate dress. You can wear the kandura or the abaya
or whatever you fancy to try on. The people there are really helpful and will be
able to talk to you about the history of the UAE. They really enjoy sharing their
history and culture with you, so I’d recommend doing that as well. The Palm Jumeirah is a very
famous landmark in Dubai. It’s a manmade structure which
is kind of reclaimed ground. It sits out to sea and you’ve got buildings,
hotels and apartment blocks. This is a really stunning place to visit. I recommend you take a taxi or bus
there and see it with your own eyes. There’s a huge hotel called The Atlantis Hotel,
right at the end of the Palm. Just to see it, even if you don’t go inside,
is a really fantastic thing to experience. There are lots of malls in Dubai and
Dubai is partly famous for its malls. We have the Dubai Mall which is
home to a huge indoor aquarium. You also have the Mall of the Emirates
which is a few miles further south. That’s home to an indoor ski slope, so you can actually go skiing inside
the mall at an indoor ski slope, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. Not far from the Mall of the Emirates is JBR,
Juhmeira Beach Resort. That’s a really fun place to hang out, especially in winter when
the temperatures aren’t too high. There are often a lot of events. You get people doing stunts and gymnastics.
There are performances and live music. It’s a really nice place to go and have some food.
There are lots of restaurants and bars where you can go and relax and
spend time with your friends. I’d recommend visiting all those places
we’ve just very briefly talked about. Honestly, there is so much more in Dubai.
I just want to give you a bit of an idea of the kinds of things you could expect if
you decide to come and study here in the city. The official language of
Dubai is, of course, Arabic. Since I am an online Arabic teacher,
why not learn some Arabic together? I’m going to teach you two things:
how to say “hello” and “how are you?” These are really easy.
To say “hello,” all you say is “marhaba.” It’s written like this and it’s a really casual
greeting to say to anybody you meet. You don’t need to change it for male or female.
“Marhaba” means “hello.” You can say that to any Arabic
speaker that you meet in Dubai. To ask “how are you?”
You can say “kayf halak.” You can say that to a man.
To a female, you say “kayf halik.” So there’s a tiny difference,
“kayf halak” and “kayf halik.” If you can learn these two short phrases, I think that will really help you to get
started when you arrive in Dubai. You will inevitably meet some
Arabic speakers there. Marhaba, kayf halak, and kayf halik would be
great to learn and practice whilst you’re in Dubai. I hope this video has given you an
idea of what life in Dubai is like. For more videos about Dubai
and the Arabic language, you can check out my channel,
which is linked in the description. Thank you for watching. Off we go!

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