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Lez. 2 – CORSO CALLIGRAFIA per PRINCIPIANTI – esercizi base

Lez. 2 – CORSO CALLIGRAFIA per PRINCIPIANTI – esercizi base

Hello everyone and welcome to the second lesson
of our modern calligraphy course for beginners In the first lesson we have seen how to do
the first basic movements which are the fundamental ones to begin to become familiar with markers
or calligraphic brushes we need right to execute this properly
type of creative writing. Share with us on social exercises
you have done tagging “Live with Joy”. In any case you can look to rehearse
The first lesson to understand how to do the movements correct and what are the first exercises
do. Now let’s see some exercises that
we need to get used to your hand to do other types of movements: after seeing the lines
straight, today we will do the curved lines. Let’s move now to the second lesson of the course
Modern calligraphy for beginners First I recommend: remember to register
to the channel! Let’s start with the lower-case L: to do
properly we must start with a tracciandola ascending line lightly
to which must follow a descending line drawn treading on the pen tip
Now we repeat the contrary: we must draw before the most marked descending line and
then the slight upward Now we repeat the first exercise continuously,
repeating a series of L concatenated together: do an ascending line, then descending
and so on. Always remember that it is as if your
hand should then bounce on paper you have to raise and lower, raise and lower
without ever taking the pen tip or of the brush from the sheet. We will do the same thing with the second exercise:
the hand you will have to raise and lower. You will find that these exercises in some cases
there are better, that is, the difference between the ascending and descending lines lines
It will be more marked. Clearly you will have to practice more about
those that make it harder to do in the fifth year we have to draw
C starting with a small upward curl followed immediately by a descending trend line,
to be concluded with another little curly ascending
The movement must be very light for the two curls and walked to the curved line
descending: we will have to follow the light-heavy-light sequence in the sixth year we are going to complete this
movement to make O Heavy-light, heavy-light
in the seventh year let’s make a continuous line wave. the first lesson
we saw that line coming from vertical ascending and descending lines.
now we will do a bit ’tilted to the right when you happen to have to move the arm,
raise your pulse, move the arm and then line resume from where you left off.
depending on where you are feeling weak, or according to your needs, you can invent
you also doing the exercises for example of Or on the contrary, starting from the first
ascending line and then make the descending, or of C on the contrary, or even of closed C, then the E
in the third lesson of our course in calligraphy Modern see new exercises that will allow us
to master even better technique Writing to finally get to write
all the letters of the alphabet. Meanwhile, you continue pedaling and share
your exercises on social tagging “Live Letizia “to be repostati. Hello and the next!

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