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Lettering Subscriber Names 3 Different Ways – Hand Lettering Tutorial

Lettering Subscriber Names 3 Different Ways – Hand Lettering Tutorial

hey YouTube it’s Chelle with The
Lemonade Store, and I just wanted to go over a couple different lettering styles
today while I letter your names thanks you guys for subscribing, for all your
comments it totally makes my heart happy so I wanted to give back today and just
go to the name jar and do some different styles so let’s get started, and if you
would like to see your name lettered I usually do them at the end of the videos,
usually we’ll pick one or two then comment below hit the like button and
let’s do this! okay! let’s see what we got here got a fancy bowl do all of them
today and sorry if you hear it’s loud in the back because it’s a thousand degrees
where I live okay let’s do it I’m not even to going try and pronounce it but
I’m gonna letter it. okay! let’s do this okay so the first pen that I want to use
it’s one of my favorite pens to use have you guys tried the sharpie stained pens
you can get them usually by the fabric paint or the fabric markers in that
section because it’s actually a fabric pen and I’m using watercolor paper and
what’s nice about these pens is that when you use them on the watercolor
paper and you let the ink fully dry it will stay like intact and it won’t smear
when you add watercolor to it so I’m going to just go ahead and do some
lettering as a brush tip if you’ll excuse me it’s a brush tip so it’s
awesome that it’s a really cool brush tip – I like it so try those out I’ll
put the links down below for all of the ones that I’m talking about in case you
missed it and let’s get started with some watercolor
so I’m kind of digging right now these royal talons Ecoline paints they’re a
liquid watercolor you could use any watercolor but kind of obsessed over
these right now and I pulled a couple of them down and I showed you guys my
sponge there because that’s the my trick I don’t like to double dip my paint so I
keep water next to me and then I dab the extra water off on a sponge before I dip
it into a different color because I don’t want to contaminate my paint yeah
that’s a cool little trick and I ended up not using any of the orange because I
liked how the yellow and the blue kind of made kind of like a cool like transition
with the green in the middle so anyways this is the first one and I’ll kind of
let it run through – we’re gonna do a couple more names next okay so for the second name that I’m
going to letter today it’s going to be Leslie – if my camera would focus okay so
let’s do this awesome Leslie okay so I’m gonna use my awesome Crayola
broadline markers and I’m also using another watercolor piece of paper and
first I’m gonna letter the name and remember to do heavy pressure on your
downstrokes and light pressure on your up strokes and if you want to kind of
see what I’m doing here so I’m adding the darker color in the middle and then
I’m at taking my watercolor brush and I am except for the blobby right there I’m
gonna spread it down to kind of give it like a cold blending effect and it’s
really fun to like do this with like kids too
like like my daughter loves you know using Crayolas and then using watercolor
it’s just a fun way to get a cool effect and the color the paper gives it that
texture-y you feel so I will also link to all those below as well so I’m just
going to go through and add some color and then add some watercolor and then I
think I used a Crayola super tip to add a cool shadow you just want to make sure
that you dry it really well before you do the next part cuz it will – any
water based marker it’s going to do like a bleeding effect so this is me doing
the shadow and I think I’ve had a lot of questions about that so I’ve been trying
to add shadows to the last couple ones so you guys could see how I add my shadows
and I’ll just finish going through all those and then we’re going to do one
more name I think after this okay so let’s do one more name and it’s
going to be Chrystal! yay! let’s do it okay so for this one I’m going to use my
Rodya notepad and you can also use like 32 pound premium laser choice paper you
just want something that doesn’t it’s kind of like a smooth surface and I’m
using my pentel touch sign pen now I’m going to just kind of play around with
some flourishes and you know I’m not the best at these pens but I think it’s like
you all have to practice on something so I’m forcing myself to use it more
so I actually like the way it looks with like even darker down strokes so I
always go back in and make my down strikes thicker and you could totally do
that there’s no rules here – do what makes you happy
always good bummed out when I see people be like oh you can’t do that well
yes I can, so there you go and just play around with the connections and the
flourishing and have fun with it so I want to thank you guys so much for
subscribing if you would like to see your name lettered out leave a comment
and I appreciate the likes you guys thanks

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