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Letter Factory Alphabet Sounds Song | LeapFrog

Letter Factory Alphabet Sounds Song | LeapFrog

At this time we are proud to present the Alphabet!
From A to Z! Some letters are made of straight lines, and some are curvy and round! But every
letter makes a sound! The A says “Ah!” The B says “Buh-b-b-b” The C says”Cuh!” And the
D says “Duh.” The E says “Eh” and the F says “Fff.” The G says “Guh” and the H says “Huh.”
The I says “Ih” and the J says “Jeh.” The K says “Kuh” and the L says “L-l-l-!” The
M says “Mmm” and the N says “Nnn.” The O says “Oh!” And the P says “Puh!” The Q says “Qua”
and the R says “R-r-r.” The S says “Sss” And the T says “Tuh.” The U says “Uhh” and the
V says “Vv.” The W says “Wuh Wuh Wuh.” And the X says “Xs.” The Y says “Ye” and the Z
says “Zzz” And those are all the letters in the factory!

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