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Let’s Remit in the Philippines | Speaking Arabic for the Whole Dayshift

Let’s Remit in the Philippines | Speaking Arabic for the Whole Dayshift

hey hey hey friends! how are you doing I will show you how I send money to the Philippines while you are watching me how I send my remittance let me sing a song in Arabic language 🙂 Yes where I am? 12 and 4 Yes Yes Yes, yes okay Yes that’s wonderful Okay Okay Yes Okay I apologize I lost myself yesterday Yes you have lost yourself yesterday, you lost your mind Yesterday, yes now you are speaking Arabic, you lost your mind Yes, because, lots of… work to do You’re unbelievable! Really! What are you saying lots of work to do?! You will talk with Cheker, right? I will talk with Cheker in Arabic for today for YouTube Haha! You’re crazy! Good morning! Yes, fine. How are you? Im fine, thanks be to God How many babies are you handling? Two How many baby boys you are handling? 1 boy and 1 girl 1 boy and 1 girl Ah good All are stable? Stable? Fine? That’s wonderful I hope so, if he pass me conium (stool) maybe He’s not yet… stable, what is it in Arabic? maybe, he’s not yet stable I hope so Is his blood sugar stable? So far, it’s normal Yes This is Papa Cheker Peace be with you all Today is Friday Yes, it’s Friday Me and Andrea we will talk in Arabic in Arabic only today is Arabic, Friday Arabic no Tagalog, no English okay? No Tunisian either Arabic If you hear me speak in Tagalog If I hear you speak in Tagalog you will have a punishment Oh, alright later on, I will decide decide Decision No Tagalog and no English You are doing great No punishment I hope I will not get a punishment Don’t worry You can do it No problem Today you will be better You’re doing great Great! Sister, are you afraid? You’re afraid? You’re afraid that’s why you’re checking your task? Sister, let’s walk our way home tonight so we can eat at McDonalds Let’s go Last night we wanted to eat ice cream we didn’t get a chance to eat ice cream I don’t have my permit Come and join us tonight Let’s walk Yes I will, buy you ice cream If you want, I’ll buy you two cones Let’s eat ice cream! Yes She will join us in walking tonight Don’t worry, we will walk slowly Not too fast Okay? I will bring Beginlee Let’s walk tonight I forgot my permit, I left my wallet No problem Nobody’s going to catch you You’re not here yesterday You already ate fried chicken? Mr. Cheker! Yes my friend This Arabic speaking session is senseless! Yes indeed! You are in trouble Yes, I’m in big trouble I know I have a punishment You’re in big trouble Really Nothing! How’s the problem? How are you? Oh, sister! Our colleagues here are all out of their minds All are crazy Yes But thank you very much I learn some new Arabic words today You did well, no problem No problem I’m so tired

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