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Let’s Learn BSL! Lesson 1 – The Alphabet

Let’s Learn BSL! Lesson 1 – The Alphabet

Hi guys, My name is Mr McRobbie and this is
Let’s Learn BSL! I’m gonna teach you some basic BSL. We’re
going to maybe help remind those haven’t done BSL in a while as well.
Just as a disclaimer, there are some regional differences in BSL such as colours and days
of the week. Just signs for certain things that I may do differently to what you may
know. And there’s also some signs that I do with
my family that might be a bit different as well.
So today, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with the alphabet. The alphabet is really
important. If you don’t know a sign, which happens or sometimes you’ve forgotten what
a sign is, you can use the alphabet to fingerspell the word of the sign that you’ve forgotten.
So first of all, we’ll go over the vowels. The vowels are all on your hand. They’re all
on the tops of your fingers. Starting with your thumb, this is A. We go
A, E, I, O, U. So start with A, next is E on your index finger.
I is your middle finger. O is your ring finger and your pinkie is U. OK so let’s get started. Ok so we’ve started our vowels. We’ve done
A, E I, O, and U. Let’s start with A. We’ve done A which is our index finger on our other
thumb. B, you just get a pair of binoculars. So B, just here. C is the easiest one. It’s
the only one where you only use one hand. So C. To make a D just stick another index
finger on the side of the C and that makes a D. E, we’ve done that one already too. That’s
our index finger. Just point to the index finger, the tip of it. F, if you get your
two fingers like this. This is the two lines on the F. Imagine there’s a line down there.
That’s an F. So get your two fingers and put them one on top of the other and that’s an
F. G, if you get your two fists and put one on top of the other one and that’s a G. H
you just get one palm of your hand and slide another palm on top of that and slide it up.
I, we’ve done that one as well. That’s your middle finger. Just point to the top with
your index finger. J is very similar to I. It starts the very same. Start with an I but
like an I and a J are similarly written, start with an I and then go down and up your thumb.
Down to the bottom to the heel of your palm and then up to your thumb and that’s a J.
A K, if you get finger like this and make the kicking bit with your other finger like here
and it should make a K like that. An L, just get one of your fingers, your index
finger and put it on the palm of your hand and that’s an L. M is very similar so it uses
three. That goes on the palm of your hand too. That’s three fingers on the palm of your
hand. N is also similar in that it uses two. Just N. Ok, so L, M, N. An O, we’ve done that
one too. That’s your ring finger. Point to your ring finger and that’s an O. A P, so
get your stem and then pinch your fingers and put that at the top. Make sure it doesn’t
look like this because that can look like a D. Make sure they’re pointed together and
that’s a P. A Q, we make an 0 and imagine we’ve got a hook, and that hook is going through
the hole. That’s a Q. So it kind of looks like a written Q. An R, if you get your hook
again and put that on your palm. S. S is quite different. So if you get your two pinkies
and make hooks with your pinkies and then you’ve got to lock those pinkies together,
like this. If you forget what S is, just think of a Pinkie Promise. So, like you would do
a pinkie promise to someone else, just do it to yourself and that is an S. Ok, a T is
this, so get your fingers like that and put your finger straight in like this. U, we know
that one. That’s your pinkie finger. U, point to the top of your pinkie finger and that’s
all our vowels done. V, just make a peace sign and put that on your palm of your hand.
W, put all of your fingers out like this and then just interlock them. Y is different as
well, in that you need this part of hand, the back hand. So get your index finger and
slide it down the back of your hand and that’s a Y. So you’ve got the curved bit of the Y
and this is the stem. Then the last letter is Z. Straight up and straight in, like that.
SO I’m gonna quickly run through them so we can double check we’ve got them all and do
a quick revision. So, A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X which is one I’ve forgotten! So for X you just get your two fingers and make
an X. That’s why I forgot, it’s so simple. Y and Z. I knew ‘d forgotten one. Ok, so that was our alphabet. Our next video is gonna be the numbers. 1 to 10, up to 100,
up to 1000 and maybe 100,000 and 1million. Sounds like a lot but it actually isn’t that
bad. Guys, if you want to send any questions you’ve got or any suggestions just send it
to my email, it’s [email protected] There’s a link in the description. There’s also a
link to the next video, which is right there and that’ll be on numbers. Right, see you
guys next time.

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