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lessons in arabic

lessons in arabic

Ok i will show you how To Download my lessons From my Youtube Channels In internet Explorer Firefox And Youtube Downloader. Let’s start with Youtube Downloader. I put all links in my Blog. Download You tube Downloader. 5.14 MB. Press Download. Install Youtube Downloader. Accept and install. Finish As you see it’s so simple program and don’t need any EXPLANATION. All you have to do just Go to Youtube and Get Video URL. Let’s Take an Example. That’s my lesson learn you how to type arabic in your Keyboard. Copy Video URL From Here. Or from Share. Notice that your link will Automatically Appear here without Past it. Choose where to save your Video. Click Download. That your video Download Progress. Second Program is IDM (Internet Download Manager). All you have to do just click at Download Video from this Page. click at start Download. In Firefox. We have To Download Two Add ons. Download Helper. DownloadThemAll. Install Download Helper. Add to Firefox. Do the same with DownloadThemAll. You Will Find three moving Balls and beside them Small Rectangle. click in that Rectangle. you will find All video RESOLUTIONS. Put your mouse in any of that video RESOLUTIONS Another menu will Appear Choose from it DownloadThemAll. Choose where to save your video. Press Start. After your Download completed , Right click and choose Open Directory.

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