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Goeiemiddag allemaal! In this video I’m gonna teach you how we pronounce the letters of the alphabet and also the pronunciation of some other very important Dutch sounds that might be a little bit difficult or maybe you don’t have them in your language. I’m not gonna cover all the sounds because it’s simply too much. So I’m gonna do the most
important ones and the alphabet and then if you want to know all the other sounds
and have an overview and a recording in an audio file of the pronunciation of
everything.. Then enroll in the online beginners’ course and then you’ll have
access to all these materials and also all the materials of all the other
beginners classes. The alphabet… That sounds super boring, right? And that’s why I chose not to go from A to Z or in Dutch from “A tot Z” But I’m gonna
spell 7 really famous Dutch things. For instance “Gouda” cheese. “Goeda”??? No we pronounce it as “GOUDA”. The other six things are: “Heineken” beer (bier), our airplane company “KLM”, the Airport “Schiphol”, “Amsterdam”, “Delfts Blauw” and the painter “Van Gogh”. So probably most of you always pronounce this as “Ven Go” or “Kay LM”, “Goeda” cheese and maybe you don’t even know how to pronounce “Delfts Blauw”. I’m gonna spell
the letters of these words and when I’m doing this I will cover almost all of
the letters of the alphabet. The remaining six I will just tell you, as well. If you want to know how to spell a word: “Hoe spel je dat?” Hoe spel je dat? Or the question: “Kun je” of “Kunt u het spellen?” “Gouda: kun je dit spellen?” “Ja, natuurlijk kan ik dat!” (Yes of course I can!) So you see that, right here in the top of the screen, all the letters will appear of the alphabet once I pronounce them in a word. So again: Next word: “Heineken”. We have some new letters and already letters from the from the previous word but I’m gonna spell the whole word. So sometimes some letters you hear several times. But that’s only good right! And maybe you can also repeat after me. The next one is our airplane company: “onze vliegtuigmaatschappij” Yeah, we’re going to spell that one… We’re just going to spell the three letters and it’s funny because also they
come right after each other in the alphabet. So this is: “Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij” (Royal Airplane Company) The next word that you’re gonna learn! Then we have “Schiphol”. Schiphol is the airport of Amsterdam. And most of the time when
people ask me “where are you from” – “I’m from the Netherlands..” Oh Amsterdam! Yes! Do
you live there? I’ve been there! Are you smoking weed? Do you see prostitutes all the time? Do you wear wooden shoes? No, I don’t live there. I’m not smoking weed. I’m not going to see prostitutes. And I’m also not wearing wooden shoes… And now we’re just gonna spell the word! Then the very iconic color or print we refer to with the word “Delfts Blauw” And how do we spell this? “En de laatste, onze schilder Van Gogh” (And the last one: our painter Van Gogh) Well you see there are six (no five!) letters left which are: Okay, then one time the whole alphabet now! “Zijn de letters van het alfabet” (Are the letters of the alphabet) Yeah, we did it! Then, lastly: a couple of sounds that are a
little bit hard or that are very important. First of all our GGGGGGGG I have to admit my G is very strong! Other people have a more neutral G or even if you go to the south of the Netherlands then people have “een zachte G” (a soft G). As you saw we spell it in different ways. First of all: just one letter G, such as in “Van Gogh”. But also with CH together, such as in “Schiphol”. So we pronounce them both the same. There is an exception. That’s when it (CH) is at the end of a word, for instance in words like “fantastisch”. So you write “fantastisCH”, but you say
“fantasties”. We also see that the sound in “Gouda” is OU, and it’s also the same sound in “blauw”, from Delfts Blauw. So they’re spelled differently, but it’s the same sound. And, also the same for EI – IJ. So we see EI in “Heineken”. There is also another spelling of EI, which is with I + J together. We didn’t have a word with that in the 7 famous Dutch words, but it’s very common like: “mij”, “jij”, and “wij”. So both are the same sound. Then four other sounds. First of all: OE. So when you say “Gouda” (with the English pronunciation) if we would write that literally then it would be with OE. The O + U is the OU, like we already said. O + E is OE. Such as in the word “goed”. Then we have a difficult sound which is the UI. The UI is in words like, for instance, “Duits”. And “Duits: is German, the language German. Then we have also the sound EU. And you write that with E + U. An example is the word “leuk”, which means “nice”. I made a video about “leuk” and “lekker”, which also means “nice”. If you want to know the difference
between “leuk” and “lekker” then click here, and watch that video next! The last sound for today is the IE. And the IE we write with I + E. And it’s for instance in a word like “lief”, sweet. A couple of other sounds that are very important I will cover them in my online school, in the online class. And those are for instance the NG,
the EEUW, the OEI – really funny sounds. And the difference that we have between long sounds and short sounds, like: For now: this was it. And maybe you can write down a Dutch word that’s really hard for you to pronounce. Write it down in the comments. Practice with the alphabet. Practice with the pronunciation of that word that you find hard. And I hope to see you in next class! Okay, bye-bye! Doei!


  • Josey J says:

    Hoi Kim – ik vind het hartstikke moeijlijk om het woordje "nerveus" uit te spreken. Eigentlijk alle woorden met "eu", want het klinkt naar "ui", maar is niet hetzelfde, bv leuk vs luik.

  • Dutchies to be - Learn Dutch with Kim says:

    Hoi Dutchies to be! Welk woord vinden jullie moeilijk om uit te spreken? Which word do you find hard to pronounce? Schrijf dit woord hier in de reacties! 😉

  • marwan aziz says:

    Dank u , je bent aardig .

  • petrisz says:

    Kim, it's a great idea to cover most of the alphabet with a few easy-to-relate-to words. I find it difficult to pronounce those super long Dutch words. I've just run into this one: "studentenverenigingen". That's crazy 21 characters long! 🙂

  • Mr. Quercus Mischievous Wizard-Knight says:

    Yay! 😃😃😃 Jij bent sowieso nog aardige en mooier dan die gemene zand danser Kim! 😃😃😃😍😍😍 Al jullie Nederlanders zijn allemaal nog aardige dan al van wij gemene Engels! 😉 😃😃😃😃😃🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱 Punt uit! 😃😃😃🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  • Mr. Quercus Mischievous Wizard-Knight says:

    I swear to god Kim sweetheart! I honestly think memorising all wor Dutch vowels are harder than wor consonants! XD For wor constants you only have at least two of them! XD For the vowels, so god damn many of them! XD

  • Awesome says:

    Je bent echt geweldig, ik ben blij dat ik je heb gevonden 🙂
    Ik leer Nederlands in Mechelen-België en ik vind je accent en Nederlandse accent mooier dan het Vlaamse accent 😁
    "afschuwelijk" dit woord vind ik moeilijk I use it to describe Belgium weather 😅

  • Luis Hernandez says:

    Definitely a better way to learn the alphabet ! 🙂

  • mahmoud natouf says:

    I am a Syrian refugee in the Netherlands ,You give us the benefit ,And all of us at (azc) follow you You are amazing ;Dutch with you looked easier❤

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