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LEGO Kolibri Pistol + Tutorial

LEGO Kolibri Pistol + Tutorial

Bruh, look at this! (Laughing) Wait till you see the- Ohhh-wooo-ooo (Hysterical Laughter) Hey guys, how’s it going? It is MyDifferentUserName here! And… What— What is that? That– That little thing is 𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘵 is what i’m talking about today? This little gun? Can– Can we get a zoom in on this? Aw, jeez. This is real? Um… Okay. Uh Oh boy, this is gonna be tricky. Well, uh, let’s try that again. Um. Hey guys, how’s it going? It is MyDifferentUserName here. And today, I bring you one of the playable pistols that you can use in Battlefield 1. And the best part about this is
the fact that it actually exists In real life! Here, we have the Kolibri pistol made entirely out of LEGO. Here, we have the Kolibri, and it is considered the smallest commercially available pistol. With a center-fire cartridge. It was patented in 1910. And then finally manufactured in 1914. By a guy named Franz (Pfannl). The name itself actually derives from the Latin word “Colibri” which means “Hummingbird”. And, gotta say, very fitting name for a weapon like this. I normally do my best when it comes to making weapons 1-to-1 scale. However, in this case, we are looking at what is probably a 1.29-to-1 scale replica. If my math is correct. Which means that my version is actually bigger However, I’m okay with this because I was actually able to add some functionality to the piece. These little functions include: A working trigger A working slide A removable magazine. And even some iron sights. Really simple stuff, but definitely necessary. Another thing to address with this gun is actually how it is held in Battlefield 1. In game, it’s typically help by just the finger and thumb. I just find this to be a little ridiculous, I know that my version of the gun is bigger but I still believe -that it would be easier to fire the weapon in just the traditional way. Not in the weird… Whatever 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 is. I also see another issue with the gun. The magazine size (Light Gunfire) -is way too small You shoot it, and then you have to reload. Again and again and— Man, we just need an alternative! So I came up with this… Definitely can shoot it a lot more, now. (Light Gunfire) But is it enough? So instead, I also have 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴! (Lots of Light Gunfire) (Gunfire in Background) You can constantly shoot and never have to reload again. Perfect. Overall (laughs) this gun is an absolute joke, like, honestly. And even the game knows it, too. Giving each bullet only 5 damage to health. I mean, really. But either way, it’s super fun, super easy to build, and that’s actually why I’m gonna show you how to build it. Free of charge. I actually have an LDD version of the gun that you can build off of (Link in the Description) But in case you don;t have Lego DIgital Designer (LDD), I’m gonna show you how to build both the magazine, and the body of the gun, itself. The main weapon consists of 4 pieces. Right now, we don’t need to worry about the sides, but instead, just the frame. Grab a pen spring and cut it to the length of half an inch to properly create the trigger reset system. Now, create another side panel, just like the first one. But make it flipped. These white rubber bands are commonly found in LEGO sets. Just wrap one end around the 1-by-3 plate Place the stud piece in front. And after that, just close up the top. The next step is a little tricky, but now we’ll attach the slide to the barrel. And it will be easier to then take that piece apart and then take the rubber band itself Wrap it once And then once again, over. Now that this is done, let’s move to the magazine. I know not everyone is going to have gold and silver pieces just lying around so if it’s not possible to make the fake bullet- You can always ad a 1-by-2 tile to the top, instead. Now that everything has been built, it’s time to assemble all the parts. And just like that, you have your very own LEGO Kolibri Pistol. I hope you guys’ have enjoyed this little tutorial, because… I didn’t. Honestly, I don’t like making tutorials, because they just feel so boring. And they lack a really creative feel to them. But I know you guys like them so that’s at least why I did it. With a tiny little pistol like the Kolibri. Well, I hope you guys enjoy your new Kolibri pistol, definitely make sure to be careful with it. Because I wouldn’t want you guy’s to get in trouble. And… as always… Thanks for Watching!

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