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Learning Arabic : Names of Continents – From Arabian Sinbad

Learning Arabic : Names of Continents – From Arabian Sinbad

I am a sailor, I know the whole world … Asia Europe Africa North America South America Australia

10 Replies to “Learning Arabic : Names of Continents – From Arabian Sinbad”

  • pinkpumpkinn says:

    What about Antarctica? 🙂

  • Arabian Sinbad says:

    @aaatuuzzz hopefully that's what we are aiming for. Glad u liked it

  • Arabian Sinbad says:

    @aaatuuzzz Thanks for helping us in spreading Arabic. We kindly appreciate it

  • Simeitsa Stamoulas says:

    Oh you know it would be helpful if you put the english translation as well as the arabic writings. I have trouble with spelling ^^. It helps when comparing the sounds with the letters. 😀

  • Arabian Sinbad says:

    @Simeitsa You are most welcome 🙂 I'm really glad you like them as for the subtitles you can view them along with the video by pressing the cc button( beside the volume button) and choosing the language you want ( either Arabic or English ) please join our Facebook page to stay more updated with us :)we are going to publish lots of new interesting content such word of the day Have a nice day 🙂

  • Arabian Sinbad says:

    @MaryamMowjood thanks 😀 glad you like it We will also be honored to have you in our Facebook page we are working on very interesting and new content to publish it there very soon 🙂 like it to stay updated with our latest songs, lessons, news, awards, free downloads and much more

  • Arabian Sinbad says:

    @MaryamMowjood 🙂 barak allahu feke too 🙂

  • coialenaministries says:

    Wow! Great series! Great for people wanting to learn arabic! Shokran!

  • DanceWeMe says:

    Australia isn't a continent, it's Oceania

  • Mas Sigit says:

    excuse me.. you delete Borneo island which belongs to Indonesia from the world map :D, as well you include Java island in Australia, no.. it's not but it considers Asia too.

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