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Learning Arabic in Egypt in 60 days – Day 60 video Dana

Learning Arabic in Egypt in 60 days – Day 60 video Dana

Hello! I’m very happy to be speaking with you We are very happy here in Sinai The weather is always sunny and the water is always beautiful The water’s right over there. That’s why I said ‘the water’ You have to see it with your own eyes. You have to come right away You have to see the weather and everything here. It’s really beautifu And if you have the opportunity, please open our website there are pictures and a lot of stories about everything here And hopefully you will like it After two months here in Egypt I can say that I can express myself in Arabic And half the reason is because I worked hard every day And half the reason is because I had really good teachers And I want to say thank you to all of you – Eman, Amr, and Alaa I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to know you. And thank you again I want to thank you – the people and employees here in Habiba in Nuweiba I am very happy to have had the opportunity to speak with you every day. That’s very nice. And maybe you’re thinking what did we do exactly in the last couple months in Egypt? The answer is very easy. Every day we did an hour or two of studies We always are reviewing words and doing practice But apart from studies, apart from learning words We lived normal lives, we went to the gym every day, cooked, enjoyed the sun. Life is really good here. And for that reason we want to enjoy life in Egypt. Before I came to Egypt I thought people would think I’m Egyptian. I look Egyptian. But that’s not true People – they all know that I’m a foreigner Actually people here think I’m Israeli I don’t know why. Maybe my face is a face of an Israeli? I have to see the people when I go there. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t bother me. There’s a big difference between all people in the Middle East but there’s no way of telling where people are from. You can guess, but generally you can’t guess. There are people who ask.. ask..ed.. asked me if there is a relationship between Farsi and Arabic and I want to clarify this point I can say now that there is a relationship but it’s not very big. For example between some words and some letters there is a relationship But apart from this, pretty much nothing I can’t say that the two languages are very similar But there is a relationship between the cultures I realized there’s a relationship from the first time I saw the way people treat other people. And that was nice because it’s easier for me to get used to the culture here in Egypt. Lately I’ve spoken with people about their purpose in learning a language A lot of people said that their purpose is that they want to speak with any random person on the street and for that person to speak back in that language and not in English Personally I can say that I’ve arrived at that level. When I speak with people they say “Ah you speak Arabic” And then they say for example “Where are you from exactly – Lebanon?” And then they’re prepared to continue the conversation in Arabic. without using English And I’m happy for that. I still make a lot of mistakes. There’s still a long road ahead. And from my point of view I think that I sound probably like Borat when he speaks English. But it’s better than nothing. Hopefully in the future there is a chance to speak with you again in a different language. Hopefully in Swahili. After a few months. See you later

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