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Learning Arabic: First Steps

Learning Arabic: First Steps

okay so you want to learn Arabic you’ve
decided Arabic is the language that I’m gonna learn what do I do
where do I start where do I begin do I start reading the Arabic newspaper just
like that do I put on the Arabic radio do I join a
course do I go online and search for YouTube videos but I have to be karabük
yeah all of them all of the above but the first step out of all of those steps
my advice is to just learn set phrases memorize them get speaking get speaking
the language when I first started learning Arabic I wanted to be able to
go out there and talk to arrows and converse with people who speak Arabic
and I wanted them to understand what I was saying which is why I made all these
videos teaching Arabic phrases I wanted to be able to say kayf haalak, aysh ismak? ismee mike furSa sa3eeda, tusharafna, ana bikhayr wa-alhamdulilah, as-salaamu 3alaykum kayf haalak? ismee mike aysh ismak? shoo ismak? ant min wayn? kayf haalak? hamdulilah bickayr tamaam, kull shay tamaam. la atakalum il lugha al-3arabeeya bi-Talaaqa, lil asaf all these
phrases which are just set phrases just have them in your bank write them in
your flash card up memorize them write them down watching the video on it isn’t
enough you need to be writing them down you need to be using them and seeing
them every day revisiting them if you live in the Middle East and you work
around our attic speakers it’s very easy to practice these phrases if you live in
Idaho it’s not so simple to practice these phrases so you have to work a bit
harder but nowadays with the internet it’s really really easy there are so
many places you can go to practice speaking first step learn some phrases
write them down make some flashcards get speaking step 2
phase 2 is learn the Arabic alphabet honestly I recommend you learn the
Arabic alphabet I made a four-part series on learning Arabic alphabet here
so click there and you can watch that once you’ve learned the Arabic alphabet
it’s incredibly easy to actually then progress your learning because from that
point on you can be writing Arabic words you can be reading Arabic words and you
can be speaking Arabic more clearly because you can see the words
written in the script which allows you to pronounce them a lot more accurately
shall we say a lot more accurately step 1 learn phrases write them down if you
can’t write an hour break yet write them in English letters step 2
learn the alphabet once you’ve learned the alphabet write down and read the
phrases that you’ve learned in Arabic script trust me it’s a good investment
of your time once you’ve learned the alphabet it’s done there’s 28 letters
learning it’s not that hard link is in this card I’m Eric Mike thanks for
watching this video more videos there and there and you can subscribe to this
channel right there it’d be great if you subscribe for more videos in the future
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