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Learning Arabic (71) Travel | تعلم العربية – السفر3

Learning Arabic (71) Travel | تعلم العربية – السفر3

Where are the tickets? These are the tickets Where are the passports? These are passports Where is the exit visa? This is the exit visa Where is the entry visa? This is the entry visa Where is the option? This is an option And where are the onions? This is onion Where is the fish? This is fish And where is the meat? This is meat Where’s the bag? This is the bag And where’s the clothes? These are clothes Where are the dresses? These are the dresses And where are the shirts? These are t-shirts where are the books? These are the books And where are the magazines? These are the magazines this is (M) this is (F) The employee the passenger Open Open He opened Open He opened welcome I lost my bag where are you coming from? I am coming from Bangladesh. Where is the passport and where is the ticket? This is the passport This is the ticket. What color is the bag? Black color. Is this your bag? Yes. This is my bag. What’s in the bag? Clothes in the bag Open the bag Yes. This is my bag. Where is the traveler? at the Air port What is he missing? His bag What is his country? Bangladesh What did the employee ask him? Passport and ticket What color is the bag? black What’s in the bag? Clothes Is it his bag? Yes Who opened the bag? the passenger the passenger

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