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learn the Top 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School in Arabic

learn the Top 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School in Arabic

hi everyone I am preryhan and this is Arabic top words today we’re going to do
10 phrases for surviving back to school let’s get started
shun tada backpack the first word we have is shunted Zadar
shun to the da pad back for example embarrassed erection tada
yesterday I put a backpack the mill classmate the mill the mill a classmate
for example nada hot rawa Mazama ha nada hot rawa masala now that we’ll go
back home with her classmates waited homework wake up homework
for example yellow Emlyn wake up do your homework in time exam empty hen exam for
example and they become 10 I have an exam tomorrow I guess it is safe summer
break a duster safe summer break for example I guess it’s a Fanta
when is the summer break madrasa school madrasa school for example
gamble bit Madras tea gamble bit my school is beside my house is akin to
study easy care to study for example has a career Don hurdle has occurred reordan
harder I’ll study math today this is how I study maths enuff znuff
said Foskey we’re in the same class enoughenough so fast yes I can i fluff
so fussy I have left so fast we’re in the same class LLL not the lip tejada
what classes are you taking Elmo Delap the hood huh Elmo dilip the
hood huh what classes are you taking the cost of a what’s your major
the cost of a it costs us the fame what’s your major and then Egypt we
usually have two answers it’s either me or either B L me means science like a
science major where you study chemistry math and biology or hobby hobby arts
where you study geography has trade economy and I’m missing something
our philosophy thank you so much for listening don’t forget to tell us what’s
your favorite subject in school and also don’t forget to Like subscribe and visit
our website either part 1 wonder from I see you later bye bye
nobody said it was easy you you

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  • كائنة حية says:

    حقيبة ظهر وليس شنطة ضهر!!
    Your Arabic is terrible

  • modooXak2000 Ahmad Khaled says:

    I hope you mention that it's egyptian arabic accent❤👍
    because some people will be annoyed😏👇

  • LoOoFy kun says:

    شكراً على جهودكم ، بس الناس لما تبغى تتعلم علمي مو شرط يكون باللهجة المصرية ، ف اتمنى يكون باللغة العربية الفصحى لانها الاعم .

  • Whatever says:

    هلووووووووو مرحبا يا ناس، كيفكم؟
    Marhaba guys, i have a group for practicing arabic on whatsapp if you want to join
    send me: marhaba i saw your comment on youtube about the Arabic group

  • Patrick Lee says:

    Is it Egyptian Arabic? Why not teaching al-fushaa?

  • Mike Still says:

    This is Egyptian accent? I don't know any of these words 😂

  • TONY V says:

    Good video,nice presenter

  • Mai Dao says:

    you talk too much english in video…it is not good at all.

  • Xianghou Zinjiang Hu says:

    دراستي المفضلة هي التاريخ

  • A says:

    T H I S I S E G Y P T I A N D I A L E C T .

    Hey! Its nice that you're taking time to teach but please change the title. Don't mislead people by just saying Arabic if you're using Egyptian slang.
    For those who don't know might think this is Pure, Classical Quranic (FusHa) Arabic.
    But this not FusHa Arabic. This is egyptian dialect..

  • Stephanie Kattera says:

    I love that its Egyptian Arabic….waiting for something like this!! <3

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